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World Religion Essay

2004 words - 9 pages

Student Name:The cJaclyn Mckneeas
Date Submitted: 1/25/2014
Class: HUM/130 – Religions of The World.
Instructor: Chad Schuchmann
Assignment: Final Exam

Total Point Value: 200 points

Directions: Type your answers to each question in the gray space. The spaces will expand as you type to allow as much room as necessary to answer the questions. There are seven sections to this exam. Please make sure you complete all seven sections. This is an open book exam. It is not an open internet exam. I will check for copied information from the internet. Use of the internet (aka copied or paraphrased) will result in a grade of zero for the entire exam.

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The following tradition is monotheistic:

18. The following tradition has strong ties to ancestors:

19. Abraham is important in which of the following traditions:

20. Which of the following impacted Siddhartha as a young prince:

21. The following religious tradition considers Jesus to be a prophet:

22. Indigenous traditions value which of the following as a connection to their beliefs:

23. Which of the following two traditions are most closely linked:

24. The concept of opposites and balance emerges most strongly in which tradition:

25. The following is a major religious text in Hinduism:

IV. Vocabulary: 6 points each (30)
Define the following terms within the context of religious studies. Each answer must be 300 characters (50 words) or less.

26. Theistic this is the belief of a god ot gods being the creator of the universe
27. Liberal freedoms of religious beliefs and equality
28. Mysticism also know "to conceal"it can come in many forms and is a bellief or experience this may come through prayer, visions. enlightenment , it is a internal way to connect with god

29. Religion is the personal set of beliefs that are used to worship a god or gods
30. Transcendent out of ordianry beliefs and beyond understanding beliefs such as in angels and demonds
V. Chronological Order: 4 points each (20)
For each question below, click on the gray boxes and arrange the four items in chronological order in which they occurred in history.

31. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius
, , ,
32. Great Schism, Protestant Reformation, Catholic Reformation, Pentecostalism
, , ,
33. Hinduism, Islam, Indigenous, New Religions
, , ,
34. Nation of Israel, Holocaust, Exodus, Abraham
, , ,
35. Corpse, Ascetic, Old Man, Sick Man
, , ,

VI. Short Answer: 5 points each (40)
Answer each of the following questions in PARAGRAPH form. Your answer must be between 100-150 words. Please note: you will not be able to enter more than 1500 characters for each answer in this section.

36. What makes up the Hindu religion?
Hinduism is one of the oldest religions and has no founder and they lack a uniting system theier belief is of god who is known as brahman and that he can take on many forms , they recognize a single deity the sacred texts are written in sanskrit aka vedas. They believe life is determined by karma and they worship in temples.
37. What was the Holocaust?
The holocaust means sacrifice by fire it began when hitler gained power over germany in 1933 and ended in 45 The nazis wanted to kill all jews, homosexuals, jehovas witnesses and the disabled It was hitlers plan known as the Final solution to attempt to kill off the jewish people.
38. List and briefly describe each of the Five Pillars of Islam.
The shahada is the belief that there is no god except allah and muhammed the messenger the second pillat is salat prayer -prayer is done five times a day to purify the...

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