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World Myth Essay

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Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures

Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures
Every culture has a myth that has been told about the development of that particular culture. For example how beings first got on earth, how they were created, how the earth and sky were created and even how the animals were created. The Navajo culture resides over the areas of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. The Egyptian culture resides in Egypt which is located in northeastern Africa. The Navajo and Egyptian creation myths share some similarities and also some differences. Both of these creation myths go into to extensive detail about the cycle of creation.
The creator for the Egyptian Atum was neither ...view middle of the document...

When Shu and Tefnut returned with the all seen eye Atum shed tears that made man. The men had the duties of tending the earth and worshiping the gods while the gods protected them.
Begochiddy created four different mountains one in the east which was white, blue in the south, yellow in the west and black in the north all with no light. After a while Begochiddy and his beings became tired of not having any light so Begochiddy gathered his beings and got into a hollow reed that he had grown at the center of the first world and it grew into the second world. When they arrived in the second world they were happy to find that this world was blue and had light however, it was already occupied by cat people. Begochiddy and his beings decided to try and make this home anyways, but the cat people and the beings fought for many years till they grew tired. Begochiddy then gathered his beings back into the hollow reed until it grew into the third world.
The third world was yellow and also full of light so the beings decided to try and make this home. While staying in the third world the beings had many children so Begochiddy created many bodies of water, mountains, and animals and birds of all species. Coyote saw a baby one day that belonged to the water monster and decided to steal the baby. The water monster became so...

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