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World Issues Essay

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Assignment --- Population Questions
Canada experienced an increase of births during WWII while during WWI it experienced a decline. There are three reasons for that. Firstly, a larger percentage of Canadian men went overseas during WWI than in WWII, and many more lost their lives: 60,661 in WWI; 42,042 in WWII. Moreover, in August 1918, almost as many Canadian were killed by a worldwide influenza epidemic as fell victim to enemy fire during the war. Both calamities reduced the numbers of Canadians in child-producing age groups. Secondly, while WWI followed a period of prosperity and high fertility, WWII followed the Depression. People had been postponing having families in the 1930s, and those in a position to start having children during WWII were eager to do so. Lastly, Canada's economy got a bigger boost from WWII than from WWI. As a result, Canadian incomes rose, and ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, their children have to take the responsibility to take care of them. Also, elderly women had little income of their own, so most of them are poor, it causes that they cannot support their own , and having a good health care.
Canada has the loudest baby boom in the industrialized world, because there are lots of immigrants came to Canada, and many of them tend to be in their 20s, the prime childbearing year. Another reason is that U.S. boom started earlier, and it also ended earlier, but the Canada boom was still in Canada when U.S. Boom ended.
The baby boom happened, because during those 20 years, Canadian knew they could afford large families, and young couples wanted to share that bright future with a big family. Also, the high immigration levels as the second reason that prevailed during the 1950s: immigrants tend to be people of childbearing age.
It ended, because in the end of the 1960s, an increasing number of women were pursuing higher education or entering the workplace, so they were postponing childbirth and deciding to have fewer children. The introduction of the birth-control pill made this easier to achieve.
The early boomers done so well while the late boomers had such a difficult time, because there are 3 reasons to explain that. Firstly, a huge cohort was an advantage they could exploit for the early boomers. On the contrary, a huge cohort was the cause of most problems for late boomers. Secondly, the early booms compete for jobs when they entered the workforce and they created wonderful work opportunities, it made them had a good job. For late boomers, they can't understand the baby boom like the early boomers. Lastly, they did not have many new opportunities in work field than early boomers had before.
I would choose "baby boom", because WWII just finished at that time, so the environment could be peace, so I do not need to worry about I may lose my life one day. On the other hand, there are many work opportunities for me at that time, so I would find a good job and I may create a new business on my own.

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