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World History Essay

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Around 500 AD, the slavic people lived near the Ukraine. Then, they began to move east into modern day Russia and south towards the Byzantine Empire
Around 800 AD, the vikings began to attack (the slavs)
862 AD, the slavs asked a viking, Rurik ‘ the Rus’ to rule over them in Novgorod
Because of viking raids, Europe militarizes itself but they’re still not united

Russian Orthodox Christianity
863 AD, Cyrill and Methodius (brothers), were sent as missionaries by the Christian Church in the Byzantine Empire and they developed an alphabet based on the Greek, that was capable of representing Slavic sounds so they could translate the Bible (The Cyrillic Alphabet)
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him when he tried to give his 4th son a part of the kingdom
Louis was a very religious but ineffective ruler and he lost power to the counts
His empire was plagued by civil war, between him and his sons, through 840 AD
When Louis dies, his sons continued fighting for another 3 years but stop with the Treaty of Verdun (843 AD)
Charles the Bald in the west, Lothiar I in the middle, and Louis the German in the east
Charles and Louis have Lothiar murdered and split his territory in 870 AD
The Kingdom weakened as they continued to fight over boundaries, the counts no longer obeyed them, and they lost land to the Muslims, Slavs, and Magyars

A social, political, and economic society where there was constant fighting between the counts
After the vikings died down, Europe had no one to fight so they started fighting each other
98% of the population were peasants
Free peasants had talents
Serfs owed debt to the land
Manor consisted of a manor house & serfs would work the domain
Three sections
Those who work (peasants)
Education was rare & starvation was common
Those who fight (nobles)
When they weren’t fighting they were practicing
Chain mail protected you from indirect hits
Crossbows were outlawed in Christian-Christian warfare
Plate armor was heavy but protected you well
Those who pray (clergy)
Social, political, and economic functions
Medieval Church became like a government
Church’s biggest weapon was excommunication
Two types of clergy
Regular clergy (monks, lived in monasteries & nuns, lived in convents)
Secular clergy (priests, bishops, & cardinals)
Provided schools for the upper class children, hospitals, inns, & refuge in war times
Monks copied books & illuminated manuscripts

Alfred the Great
King of Wessex in 871...

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