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Worl War I Essay

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Sec 1, Q1: Nineteenth century Europe began an enormous program of global expansion, establishing colonies in much of Africa and Asia. What domestic factors, old and new, caused this flurry of colonial activity in the period after the 1870s? What is the connection between this new imperialism and Social Darwinism? What can we learn about the process and success of imperialism in Africa and Asia from Conrad’s story?
The European colonialism brought different changes to the domestic level in Africa and Asian regions. The period after 1870s brought imperialistic aggression in African and Asian countries ...view middle of the document...

The European global expansion through colonialism penalized the political and economic conditions of the regions and disabled the governments. Later on by the mean of imperialism, Europeans took control over the 90% of the African region and over the major part of Asia known as subcontinent. The European colonialism in African and African religion damaged the industries, raised internal political stress and increased the international tension over the domestic land (Iweriebor, 2000).
In imperialism the European countries expanded their land and their impact and by the industrial revolution in search of new markets and raw materials the European entered into the other countries and exploited the cause which was based on the imperialistic approach. However, the concept of social Darwinism dominated the views of imperialists by the race of superiority. This race of superiority was in among the French, German and British who believed that they are required to conquer more land with propose to become the most powerful nation in the superiority race among European nations. In this way, the Anglo Saxon alongside Aryans believed that it was the natural right of the European superior nations to assume their control of the inferior nations of Africa, Asia and Native Australia and so on with their workforce and natural resources. Therefore, it is said that the imperialism in 19th century was developed mostly because of the Darwinist social aims instead of any economic reason behind it. It is said in Encyclopedia Britannica’s 1946 edition that the new imperialism of 19th century was supported by the Bismarck’s and Social Darwinism in the theories of success and glorifying power that resulted in the swept over of Europe (Iweriebor, 2000).
The Conrad’s story about the imperialism always seems controversially because many of the writers called himself a racist person however, the Conrad’s background reflected the hate for the European imperialism and he attempt seems to give justifications about the danger and destruction of imperialism. During the work on ‘The Heart of Darkness’ Conrad worked alongside Hunt Hawkins who wrote in the Indiana University Press in which he talked about the Conrad’s terms with a Congo friend who took stance against the Injustice of Imperialism and this made Conrad to highlight the injustice and cruelty hidden behind the curtain of imperialism. Therefore, Conrad justified through his writing the evils of Imperialism and his writing attempt justified that the European imperialism was not for any economical or welfare cause, but it was linked to the glorifying power and racist superiority (Hawkins, 1979).
Sec 2, Q1: What were the causes of the First World War and which, in your opinion, was the most important? Give examples to prove your point. What might European diplomats have done differently between 1880 and 1914 to avoid the Great War? What were some of the more immediate causes of the war between 1912-1914? For example,...

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