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Workplace Wellness Programs Essay

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Efficacy of Wellness Programs in the Workplace

July 27, 2012

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Workplace wellness programs are programs created to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees through exercise facilities, classes or seminars on nutrition, and exercise and health education. Wellness programs have been implemented by various corporations and firms. Larger corporations (minimum of 1,000 workers) tend to implement wellness programs to boost worker health, productivity, and, ultimately, reduce company cost for health care coverage. The United States Workplace Wellness Alliance was implemented in 2009 because of the need for wellness programs for corporations. A ...view middle of the document...

It is “a broad-based, national organization of businesses, health care advocates, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to the vision that a healthier U.S. workforce produces a stronger and fiscally healthier U.S. economy poised to compete in the global marketplace” ( U.S. Workplace Wellness Alliance, 2010). The inception of the U.S. Workplace Wellness Alliance stems from the rising cost of health care and the declining health of American workers. This trend is noteworthy because the wellness of our nation’s workers directly correlates to the viability of corporations ( U.S. Workplace Wellness Alliance, 2010). Knowledgeable CEOs and business leaders notice this trend and are aware that the wellness of their employees is important to the success of their company. Moreover, chronically sick employees are a liability and a big expense for companies because companies are the largest providers for health care coverage. Collaboration among governmental and business leaders is imperative for the success of wellness programs to continue and for improving health and limiting costs. Investments in workforce health from these leaders can improve workers’ wellness through various avenues, such as employee health management programs which includes worksite health promotion or wellness programs ( U.S. Workplace Wellness Alliance, 2010).

Mission and Goals of U.S. Workplace Wellness Alliance
The mission of the U.S. Workplace Wellness Alliance “is to improve the health status of the U.S. workforce by increasing the number of U.S. businesses that incorporate sound employee health management initiatives that include worksite health promotion/wellness programs into their corporate and health care strategies” ( U.S. Workplace Wellness Alliance, 2010). The Alliance achieves their mission through their goals, which are:
* Educate policymakers and employers about the importance of health management initiatives including health promotion or wellness activities and related legislation.
* Develop and advocate for tax-credit and other legislation that promotes worksite health promotion programs and other health management initiatives.
* Disseminate information on leading practices for managing employee health, evidence about effective workplace wellness programs, and other information regarding employee health programs to businesses, including hospitals, health plans, and benefit associations ( U.S. Workplace Wellness Alliance, 2010).

U.S. Workplace Wellness Alliance Resolutions
The Alliance, in conjunction with Congress, was instrumental in creating a National Workplace Wellness Week, which occurs in April ( U.S. Workplace Wellness Alliance, 2010). April 2, 2009 was the Capital Hill Event debuting National Workplace Wellness Week. At the event, Congress presented two Congressional Resolutions:
* H. Con. Res. 405: Resolution Recognizing the first Full Week of April as “Workplace Wellness Week.”
* S. Res. 673: Resolution...

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