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Problem definition:

Insecure work environment

Problem justification:

This problem happened because of the violent behavior of Myles Meyers and the weak security system of his organization. Plus Martin didn’t inform the supervisors about Meyer’s intensions. So there are three supervisors have been shot by a former employee. And this is not an isolated accident, but it is related to a series of violent incident. Two years earlier an employee killed six coworkers and wounded eight and every year nearly ...view middle of the document...

According to that, the qualified applicant in his field with good manners and good behavior will be accepted. This step will decrease the percent of violent employees. On the other hand it may make us neglect talented and professional applicants because of their bad behaviors.

B. Perfect security system:-
Any business organization must have a perfect, firm security system and this includes professional accurate observation cameras, strong professional well trained bodyguards. As well as metal detectors must be installed in each enter to prevent future violent in the organization but this cannot prevent violent employees from committing their crimes outside the organization.

C. Monitoring:-
Managers should be aware of any suspicious employees and encourage employees to report any odd or threatening behavior but it may be misused by the employee and supervisors to hurt the others by writing false report. Another vital step, the HR department has to make regular behavior evaluation for the employees to discuss their needs, problems and fix their complaints in order to make them feel comfortable and satisfied. This may help preventing the workplace violence.

Recommendation and conclusion:
Any organization must provide safety atmosphere for the employees, which is its main responsibility. And this will be achieved by using these two strategies 1- select and recruit applicants with good behavior and 2- put good monitoring system.

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