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Workplace Training Essay

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Workplace Training
Human Capital Management HRM/531
May 10, 2010

InterClean, Inc. and EnviroTech has successfully merged as one organization. Last week job analyses were complete, new staff members were hired, and the organization is ready to focus on developing a training and mentoring program. The organization will look at training and mentoring needs, objectives to the program, performance standards, delivery methods, content, evaluation methods, feedback, and avenues for individuals who need further development.
InterClean will lead the industry in cleaning products and services. As the organization moves in the new strategic direction staff members need to understand the ...view middle of the document...

The ultimate goal of InterClean is to increase productivity and enable staff to meet challenges and expectations. Employees at every level will be trained and developed using delivery methods such as presentations, lectures, written material, visual aids, role playing, and behavior modeling. Everyone has a unique learning style which is why InterClean developed a multitude of teaching techniques into the program. Some individuals need to hear and visualize during the learning process while others need a demonstration to understand or comprehend material. The trainer for each planned topic is prepared with a variety of teaching techniques in order to ensure learning.
Training will begin with InterClean’s history and organizational policies and procedures manual. Each staff member will receive an employee manual, which will be reviewed during the training program. The policy and procedure manual clearly communicates organizational expectations. This manual protects InterClean from litigation, especially if an employee attempts to take action if he or she feels they were not in violation of a policy or procedure. The manual will also familiarize staff with InterClean’s vision, mission, culture, and employee benefits. The manual will explain timekeeping and payroll, work conditions and hours, leaves of absence, and employee conduct and disciplinary action. The Equal Employment Opportunity Act, the American with Disabilities Act, and Family Medical Leave Act will also be defined and explained in the manual. Finally the manual will define InterClean’s position with regard to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Since a lot of products used by the organization are chemical based, this part of the training will focus on hazards, and InterClean’s expectations. The manual will be given to the employee to keep on his or her person as a reference should they need to be reminded of a certain policies and procedures.
Training will move on and change direction with focus on customer service skills, communication and diversity. This part of the training will center on motivating and energizing staff. Customer service excellence is important at InterClean and will ensure repeat business and keep customers happy. Staff members will feel good about themselves knowing he or she is making a significant contribution to the organization’s image and bottom line.
Communication will be a topic of training as well. Topics will include staying focused, listening carefully, and when to ask for clarification if there is a misunderstanding. Because InterClean relies on effective communication, staff members need to remember that this entails a mutual understanding between individuals. Trainers will use a combination...

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