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Workplace Supervision Essay

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Workplace Supervision
Elnora Farmer

A good customer service model is key in creating total quality for your business. The concept of selling quality service has been tried and proven. If you look closely you will see that the reason why most of these companies thrive so well is not just because the product that they are selling is better than the next brand, but because they sell you that product with an extra something that you really makes you feel good and makes you want to keep coming back to buy from them. If customer service wasn’t so important then why ...view middle of the document...

That’s genius marketing. For you to have such dedicated customers, you must maintain that high level of customer service.

Chic-fil-A are normally timed to make sure that their orders are completed within a timely manner and awards are given to the employees who is the fastest. This ensures that customers are truly getting “fast food.” (Salter, 2012) If I know that I can drive through and get my food within 90 seconds of ordering versus waiting in line for close to 10 minutes, then certainly I will want to continue to come back. In order to know if you’re providing great service you have to evaluate yourself, and Chic-fil-A spends a million dollars in evaluations with additional focus groups, and quarterly phone surveys with customers. Each chain would receive a two page detailed report detailing how it’s doing in each area and how it compares to the top performing chains. This way they’re able to track what is working and what isn’t.

Ultimately it all boils down to the hiring process. The process of becoming a franchisee is worse than getting into the CIA according to Chic-fil-A’s president. Your spouse and parents get interviewed as well to ensure that you share the same corporate values. Corporate values of servant leadership, leadership that serves the staff as the staff serves the customers. This modeled approach to customer service is what has kept Chic-fil-A in business as one of the best fast food restaurants now.

Other companies have seen this modeled approach and how effective it truly is and has turned it into their own training program. Starbucks is one of these companies. When you think of Starbucks you think of great coffee that you know by distinct names that you always want, not how over priced they are but how fast you get your coffee when you drive through or come in and also how very pleasant the staff always is. Starbucks takes a similar approach to customer service as Chic-fil-A. They offer products that are tailored to customers and by doing this, customers in turns feels special and privileged and want to keep coming back.

One of Starbucks core value is to create an uplifting experience in “Customer Intimacy.” Starbucks looked at each store as a billboard for the company and as a contributor to building the company’s brand and image. Howard Schultz, the company’s CEO really believed in strong employee training. Every partner/barista that’s hired for a retail job goes through at least 24 hours training in the first two to four weeks. They learn the coffee history as well as four hours of customer service training during the four weeks. Starbucks has a Star Skills guideline that says to: (1) maintain and enhance self-esteem, (2) listen and acknowledge, and (3) ask for help. (The McGraw Hill Companies, 1999) These necessary steps are key to Starbucks efficient customer service effectiveness.

The Ritz Carlton is legendary in providing customer service in the...

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