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Workplace Motivation Essay

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Workplace Motivation Paper
Marco Polo
PSY/320: Human Motivation

Workplace Motivation Paper
Scientists have defined motivations as the process of arousing, directing and maintaining behavior towards a goal. In fact, motivation is still the one thing that makes people productive in their place of employment, but motivation is very difficult to explain and practice. Management is waking up to the fact that their successes are directly related to their ability to work productivity in with employee emotions. This is because emotions directly influence the five major sources of competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, which are capital, customer service, organizational dynamics, ...view middle of the document...

Hierarchy of Needs - Abraham Maslow
• SELF-ACTUALISATION - reaching your maximum potential, doing your own best thing
• ESTEEM - respect from others, self-respect, recognition
• BELONGING - affiliation, acceptance, being part of something
• SAFETY - physical safety, psychological security
• PHYSIOLOGICAL - hunger, thirst, sex, rest
Dual-Factor Theory - Frederick Herzberg
• achievement
• recognition
• work itself
• responsibility
• advancement
However, it is important to make it clear that motivation must be used wisely. The abuse of some theories and techniques could result in negative consequences for employers. Remember that employees who receive rewards on performance tend to perform better than employees in groups do where rewards are not based on performance it’s based on productivity. Employees will most likely not take any more pride in their work even if they win the weekend getaway for having the highest sales (Tietjen, 1998). Therefore, if managers understand the relationship between incentives, motivation, and productivity, they should be able to predict the behavior of their employees. In addition, if employers understand the causes of human behavior they can predict that employee’s behavior to the extent that it can be controlled. Consequently, managers who know this should know how to apply given incentive and can expect to realize increased productivity from employees. For example, the North Broward Hospital District uses the performance appraisals methods to evaluate an employee’s productivity level each year. The method allows the employee to rate him or her self and give elaborate feed back that explains why they feel they should get an increase in pay.
The Process theory would impact management and employees in a positive way, most theories focus on the need that drives or incites behavior and induce behavior. The process theories focus on how behavior originates and operates. This theory actually deals with approaches that can aid a manager to motivate an employee. For example, during these evaluations, managers may get feedback from employees about issue that may need addressing concerning profit loss, employee moral issues, or production loss. Another positive theory is Conclusion theory; it’s a description of content and theory of motivation dealing with organizational and individual behaviors that are briefly explained. The explanation is only a basis for a better understanding on why and how to approach the concept of motivating employees.
All the theories conclude that the manner that managers perceive their organizations and their employees affect their productivity. Outlining job responsibilities is one of the motivational suggestions; each organization has a projected standard for performance depending on that employee’s position within...

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