Workplace Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Workplace Ethical Dilemma
Tanya W. Cooper
BSHS/332 Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues in Human Services
April 16, 2012
Kathleen Roberts

Everyday individuals are faced with issues associated with ethical dilemmas. Ethical dilemmas involve an individual’s behavior toward a moral standard, which may have been established from previous generations and passed along. In upholding the standards taught individual may be forced to take a particular action involving a decision when a behavior is considered non-ethical is when an ethical dilemma occurs. It can become difficult at times in making the correct decisions or solutions to the situation, which is why a code of ethics is ...view middle of the document...

Ethics are imperative in the workplace because it assists and allows individuals to interact with one another in a civilized manner. In the workplace as well as one’s personal life is essential for ethics to be maintained; often taking the right action is not always the most popular choice. It is important for maintaining an upstanding ethical code of conduct to be a productive individual as well as function as an employee in the workplace.
Today’s workplace in consistent with several diverse backgrounds, which include different aspects of a working relationships within an organization, including age, nationality, education, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and religion. Although the companies include the diverse backgrounds, upon entering employment, each individual brings their own set of values, goals, and perception of acceptable behaviors (Lankard, 1991). In respect to the organization, these multicultural individuals are asked to work together in obtaining the corporations goals and policies. However, in the workplace, several ethical dilemmas may arise, which is not limited to, downsizing employees, salaries, successful employing organization, these dilemmas are additional stress to a diverse working population. Resolving ethical dilemmas requires critical discussion, analyzing, problem solving, and decision-making (Lankard, 1991). Resolution cannot be completed with one or two individuals; this process needs to include all stakeholders, current, and future for legal and ethical purposes. Stakeholder’s views must be expressed and reviewed because it also involves potential stakeholder’s decision to continue with the organization based on the ethical behavior and practices presented.
Currently, I am employed as administrative assistant in a large school district in the Human Resource department. Several ethical dilemmas are happening daily in my organization, it is difficult to narrow them down to just one. The dilemma that stands out the most is a combination of two, terminating employees without notice and favoritism. Terminating employees without sufficient notification and replacing those employees with new employees the Administration is more familiar with or a relative of someone in Administration is an ethnical dilemma I see regularly in my organization.
In the four years I have been in this department, my organization has gone through what they consider to be a reconstructing process, which becomes very stressful for the employees. The organization appears to enjoy creating an environment of fear and the unknown when it comes to job security. In the four years, I have been witness to several terminations without proper notifications; the organizations creatively release individuals with no information in a small time frame last year calling it a reduction in force and replacing those qualified individuals with new employees within two weeks. The new employees are either relatives or familiar with someone in...

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