Working With Teams Essay

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Working with Teams

HCA 230
March 16, 2014
Linda Jones

Working with Teams

Inaccurate coding and patient information are slowing down production and delaying payments to the doctor. This team plan report will explain how a new process will be implemented. As director of the billing department, I created a process to help solve problems on this issue. A team will be assembled to solve problems due to the fact that the current process is not working and losing productivity. We need to find where the error is and recoup the loss revenue; this will be our goal.

The front office personnel that checks in a patient ...view middle of the document...

Communication starts with the first point of contact, which at check in with the front office. The front offer personal needs to be detailed, efficient and willing to ask questions without hesitation. They are not to assume or fill in the blanks. Assertiveness and being responsible are needed from them to answer staff questions. This is significant to the team otherwise the team will spiral downward like a domino effect. For example, if insurance is not determined and verified at first, then the checkout personal will not be able to excuse the patient without collecting the co-pay. This is way it is important to have the insurance information entered correctly by the front office. According to Veean (2012) "We are paying more attention to electronic devices that to one another. The person to person communication between doctor and staff; and doctor to patient is decreasing. The answer to the question, is we can save health care by utilizing a balance of words and computers".

Personality types are how the team will be organized. It is important to remember that the group of people has a variety of experience, skills and talents working to help each other achieve a common goal. The task of problem solving why the billing codes are incorrect and where the missing link is for payment is to be made by the group. According to Chong (2007) "team performance can be positively correlated with the teams that are organized based on their individual characteristics". Every person is responsible for their own role. Team selecting will be made by department which will ensure all employees are contributing to their individual duty and create equal success. One leader will be appointed, a couple of nurses to scrub the documentation for errors, two administration personnel to ensure the demographics and insurance information are accurate. A report for the last 120 day will be done by a person from the billing department. A friendly reminder to the doctor to document according to the procedure. It is important that the doctor knows that treating the patients is not their sole responsibility in an office.

Every team member was selected according to each of their talents and skill level. Including how well they communicate with written and verbal communication. According to Cheesebro, (2010) the ability to solve problems and think critically are...

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