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Working With People Essay

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|Program |Business in Management and Business in Accounting Services |
|Unit No |5 |
|Unit Title |Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Business |
|Name of Tutor |Zhang Hongsheng |
|Name of Internal Verifier | |
|Date Submitted ...view middle of the document...

1 |√ | | | |
|Criteria to| | | | | |
|be Covered | | | | | |
|(Indicating| | | | | |
|with √) | | | | | |
| |1.2 |√ | | | |
| |1.3 |√ | | | |
| |2.1 |√ | | | |
| |2.2 |√ | | | |
| |2.3 |√ | | | |
| |3.1 | |√ | | |
| |3.2 | |√ | | |
| |3.3 | |√ | | |
| |4.1 | |√ | | |
| ...

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