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Working Together Essay

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The learning team is an interesting concept in educations as are the workgroups found in many an organization. The learning team allows the individuals to grow based upon the collectively strengths of its members. Each member shares information pertaining to the exercises. Allowing for the sharing of intellectual resources and solving the problem with the most viable and economic solution possible.
According to The Self-Assessment Library, “the questionnaire classifies people as extraverted or introverted (E or I), sensing or intuitive (S or N), thinking or feeling (T of F) and perceiving or judging (P or J). These classifications can then be combined into 16 personality” types (Robbins, 2007). Coincidently three out of the four-team members has the Jungian personality type of ENTP. The ENTP personality type is innovative, individualistic, versatile, and entrepreneurial. The fourth person is the ENFJ type. Their classification is charismatic, ...view middle of the document...

The listening skills test “scores range from 15 to 75.” “The higher your score over 60 the more effective listening skills are. A score lower than 40 indicate more work on listening needs to be done. (Robbins, 2007)
In addition to the listening test, there is a trusting assessment each team member has also taken. The trusting skills test help determine how trusting of a person you are. The tester is given a series of questions, the answers are ranked, and the rankings determine how trusting you are of others. The Trusting skills test scores range from 1 to 5.” “The higher the score the less trusting one is of others. The lower one’s score the more trusting one is of others. There is not a right or a wrong answer in this test (Robbins, 2007).
The analysis of each team member’s personality type, listing skills and trusting assessment indicated we are probably more similar then we are dissimilar. Three out of the four of us are the ENTP and one is an ENFJ. This is a serious factor in how we will function as a team. To illustrate this point our team began the charter with each team member writing his or her own assessment and concerns for the team. All team members wrote almost the identical assessment and had the very same concerns as it related to group work and the team charter. The team used this information to create the charter. The team did not have to do very much negotiation as a result. The team wrote the charter with very little oppositions because we were in agreements right from the start. This will help us when we begin creating our team papers.
The information from the trusting assessments plays into the team dynamics because all of the team members are trusting. The testing indicates all team members place at the trusting end of the spectrum. This indicated that all team members would be trusting of each other and able to trust what each team member says and we can believe that what we say will be done. Therefore, if a team member states they will integrate all of the individual assignments into one document we can believe it will be done. If they say, they will turn in our assignment we can trust that it will submit on time as expected. In other words, we do not have to follow-up with each issue..

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