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Working Or Not On Holiday Essay

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"Should we work on holidays in order to get double or triple salary? Why or why not?"
➢ Lien Ho: Can we start our learning team's discussion with my suggested topic:
"Should we work on holidays in order to get double or triple salary? Why or why not?"
➢ Sean More: Thank you for your suggestion. I think this is a widely versed topic and could be taken into consideration for serious debate. Many businesses today face this challenge due to consumer demands surrounding holidays. This is also a topic of interest to many employees across the nation.
➢ Lien Ho: I agreed with your point of views on the topic "Should we work on holidays in order to get double or triple pay". You are absolute right when saying that businesses today face this challenge due to consumer demands ...view middle of the document...

➢ Katie: I believe the topic of "Should we work on holidays in order get double or triple pay" has some valid discussion points. Each year business much determine which holidays, if any, the business plans on shutting down completely and if so, do employees get paid days off. Closing the company for even one holiday can mean loosing a lot of financial gain in addition to the added cost of paying employees who did not actually work. Most companies I have recently worked for provided paid holidays for the upcoming year in January so families have time to plan accordingly.
➢ Sean More: Since we have more information and can form a stronger opinion of whether or not we should get paid double for holiday time, I think this would be the best topic we should stick with for our assignment.
I would also like to add another support for the decision to pick this topic. When employees do work holidays, the company could stand to lose money and time simply by the fact that the employee is working that day.
If an employee is working on a holiday, their concentration may not be full and they may not be entirely focused on the work they do. Lack of concentration that day could stem from the employee having their mind on their family members and children with whom they would rather be spending time with at home.
➢ Katie: I recently heard from a few friends that businesses that reside in mall or a place where they pay rent to an owner may receive a penalty for choosing to not remain open during major holidays such as Thanksgiving or "Black Friday". The companies who choose to allow employees to remain with their families must endure the loss of a potential financial gain and endure a fine. The company can gain respect from their employees and an actual increase of financial gain from word of mouth and publicity from the moral choice.

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