Working On The One Essay

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Jordan McShane

November 16 2010

English 180

A Doll’s House Response

A dolls house a very controversial story written by Henrik Ibsen. He was a writer that would go above and beyond to show the controversies in the world of today. This man is the reason why controversial plays are around. I think that this was a very good play for many reasons, back in its day it was very edgy, great diction and tone, also the issue that it brought up.

So I did some research on this play, as I do with ever play that was assigned, and I found out a couple of interesting facts about it. Ibsen had to write an alternate ending to make the play acceptable to the public. The original ending, which I can only assume that it is the one that was provided in the book, ended with her telling Torvlad that she ...view middle of the document...

The diction and tone that was used in the play was amazing. I loved how he wrote this play. I made me feel so submerged that I could put it down till I was finished. I just loved the foreshadowing especially in the beginning of the play. How Nora seemed to be the perfect housewife making sure everything was done, yet in the end she had underlying deception about herself that showed how imperfect she really was.

Another piece about this play I loved was how horrible Nora was treated. She was treated like a child. Always talked down to as if she were a “doll”-playing playing house. Yet she left the entire relationship for all the wrong reasons. She left because she was talked down to and the façade of a perfect relationship that was created by the imagination of both Torvlad and Nora. The only problem I had with her leaving was that she left her kids with this man. She up and left because she was selfish and couldn’t take it any more.

Now for the issues that were brought up in this play. I had talk to other that had both read the play and even acted in it. He thought it was about women empowerment and I thought it was about money and how hard it was to live financially. Nora was a ‘powerful’ woman at the end. She could think for herself with no man telling her what she needed to do. She was so powerful that she could just leave everything behind and start anew. Also the financial part come into the lay when Torvlad got the new job and Nora had her own debt to pay off because of her husband. Which one could see that it lead to her beginning empowerment because no women had debt because they could not take loans out.

Well overall this play was very good and I would recommend it to many people to read just for the issues that are brought up because for its time it was very edgy and controversial. So in the end I give it an 8 out of 10.

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