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Working In The Banquets The Langham Hotel, Melbourne

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The final assignment is the post-placement report which talks about my work experience with the Langham, Melbourne. It just felt like yesterday I had started working for the hotel, but now it's finally time of letting go off the property, leaving behind the Langham family and long-lasting memories. These six months have been an incredible journey for me, especially working in the F&B department as I have also got the chance to work in the other areas apart from banquets, with many things to learn from each establishment. This paper will elaborate about my experience on placement, my skills and knowledge development and the way it has changed my thought process with the important values ...view middle of the document...

I have always been given a helping hand wherever assistance is required and open to feedback for further improvement. Simultaneously, I have also kept myself updated with the property through newsletters, notice boards, interacting with the human resources, staff from other departments, guests and self-observation for building good professional networks and gaining basic industry and business knowledge, useful for gaining relevant information without assumptions.

Another important thing that I have actually learnt during this placement is about personal organization and self-sufficiency which are the most essential qualities of life. Being self-sufficient is all about taking the ownership and responsibility in the workplace, ensuring teamwork and at the same time challenging yourself for reaching new goals. Being organized on the other hand means adapting easily to the changes in the workplace and identifying problems which has always been challenging for me. I still am working on these qualities, since I have been a little slow at work, taking time to set my...

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