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Working In Teams Is Better Than Working In Groups

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Work is better completed by teams rather than by individuals.
Many people have conflicting arguments either for or against the above statement. Some argue that more work can be completed by teams and some argue that individuals can complete more work. I, however, am going to argue that more work can be completed by an individual if the circumstances are right. Doing individual work allows one to have more freedom about doing certain things. All kinds of elements come in to play here. We have the time factor first off. If an individual is very pressed for time, as most are when working for an organization, projects can be done a day in advance. Although I wouldn’t recommend this, it most certainly happens day to day among individuals. With a group or team, deadlines must be met in order to ...view middle of the document...

And let me add one more note. I didn’t have a say in when this power point was due.
Saying this brings up another important point I believe is prevalent in organizational teams today. Many group members do not get the chance to voice their opinion when in groups. While working as an individual, this problem does not come in to play. As an individual trying to complete work, for instance a presentation, that individuals ideas can stand out. That isn’t to say you don’t want input from colleagues. It is a lot easier to ask a good coworker who you know will be honest to give you positive feedback where needed. By doing this, it enhances the presentation or report or whatever work is being completed without the major hassle of dealing with some incompetent, self-appointed team leader.
So obviously, I have a strong belief that working as an individual toward an overall goal is best rather than working as a team. It isn’t that I am lazy and put off work until the last minute, or that I am afraid of my own ideas being shot down. I just believe I can figure things out quicker and I like to have the control over anything I can possibly have control over. That isn’t to say working as a group isn’t good in certain situations. It is for those people who like to bounce back ideas off each other, who love to adhere to a strict schedule and don’t mind, as I would put it, being controlled. I know that soon enough, entering any new job as a college graduate, I won’t be on the bottom but I will be on the “bottom” as the new member of the organization. That will mean being picked on, whether that is through controlling me by making me do certain unobtainable projects or ridiculing me in front of colleagues. It is bound to happen but one day, I certainly hope I will have the last laugh through hard work and possibly changing me last name.

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