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Working In A Tem Essay

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Working in a team can be fun with so many different personality types and learning styles. Some people are more creative and adventurous whereas others may be more logical and organized. With many possible combinations of personality types and intelligences every single person is unique in his or her approach to learning and how he or she responds to peers within a work group. The focus should certainly be on how to work together in the most effective and productive manner so that everyone in a group can reap the benefits.
For every learning style there are particular strengths or weaknesses that may influence an individual’s contribution to the group. For example, there are those people who have developed a higher level of intrapersonal skills, which means ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, for as there are many different types of learning styles there are different personalities as well. For instance, take the person whose skills are more intrapersonal and have the personality of an adventurer he or she will likely bring a great deal of energy to the group. A visual/thinker may look for time to work alone to push the boundaries of their own thinking but will return to the group with a more abstract approach. By combining verbal intelligence with the organizers personality the result may a member who demonstrates the ability to organize ideas in a very detail oriented manner and communicate thoughts effectively to the team.
Communication is crucial to the success of a team and directly affects their ability to work together effectively. Some good strategies for a team to use may include laying down a framework of expectations and guidelines for completing tasks in a timely fashion. The team leader should organize this and present it to the group for approval so that everyone is comfortable with his or her assigned task. A primary method of communication should be put into place as well as a backup in case of any problems. In addition to delegating tasks and setting deadlines members should all be in agreement on disciplinary action that should be taken against a member who is not performing adequately.
No single person is the same as the next and thus will never have exactly the same ideas as someone else. With an infinite number of possibilities in terms of blending skills and personalities working in a group should always be a learning experience. Always remember to bring along with ideas and experience a positive energy and an open mind and the whole group will bear a successful outcome.

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