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Working Conditions Of Children Essay

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Working Conditions of Children

Factories/ Mills inspected : Cotton Mill, Cromford

Date : 8th of October of the year 1844

I visited the cotton mill in Cromford

Because, whilst there are advantages to employing children, for
example: requiring far less pay compared to adults, and apprentices
not even needing pay! We understand that also they are useful in the
fact that they are far more agile therefore being able to crawl under
machinery easily so then they can fix broken threads.

I was concerned to hear of disturbing cases of:

* Cramped and dank/ dark working conditions with an awful stench

* Impossibly long hours

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His brother and sister had to take him under each arm
and run a mile to the mill so they were not late. If they were
just five minutes late then the overseers would beat them black
and blue.

I also found evidence that the mills are unsafe as unused material
lies on the floor. And also that the machines insides (cogs etc) are
open and someone may catch their clothes or fingers in them causing
injury. The children were expected to carry boxes of a weight far too
much for them to bear. Fines are imposed other stupid things like
whistling, or having a window open, for washing himself, having a
little waste on his spindles or a spinner being sick and not being
able to find a replacement.

There is evidence that the overseers find their job to be harsh with
no sympathy, they show no remorse for the children that get injured by
the machines. The overseers care little that the children are worked
as long as they can withstand and often fall asleep at work.

I was unable to talk to the mill owner because he was said to be away
on business. He may have decided that his 'business' needed to

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