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Worker Stress Essay

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Worker Stress
Because of the stress, employees are having problems at work. This kind of stress is called “desk
rage”. There are some researchs and studys about causes, consequences and solutions for
this "anger".
Nowadays “employees are stressed to epidemic proportions” (as cited in “Worried at Work: Mood and
Mindset in American Workplace”) because, even they always have encountered workplace stress, it's
more intense currently due to economic and social tendency. Furthermore they have other physical
problems like the smaller and cramped workspace and shorter time to fulfill their tasks (Stack,
Laura. “Employees Behaving Badly”. HR Magazine 01 Octob 2003 : 111.). The effects of this stressful
routine have influence on the productivity and the worker social life. Employees' stress affects their
income and it can be harmful to the companies which don`t adopt politics to prevent this problem.
Stressed employees are losing their calmness and displaing anger at ...view middle of the document...

“Employees Behaving Badly”. HR Magazine 01 Octob 2003 : 111.). Becoming a friend
of the employee helps the manager to fight this kind of fury. Other important initiative is to find
alternative ways of work, like woorkplaces without the boss, where each worker can acquire the
conciense and responsability with his own job.
Anyway, sometimes it can be difficult to decrease the stress level because it's just part of the job. But
it keeps being stress, so prejudicial to the worker and the company. According to Thomas J.
O'connor, director of PRS Disability Management, a training and consulting firm in Falls Church, Va.,
managers must be prepared to reduce as many source of stress as possible, but they can't forget
that not all stress can be eliminated. Therefore, jobs with inherent stress need workers with the right
strength and proper characteristics says Al, Siebert , a Portland, Ore. – based consultant and author
of the Survivor Personality (Perigee Books/ Berkley Publishing, 1996). In the other hand, employees
need to know about their preferences and skills to rake out the more adequate job (Atkinson,
William. “When Stress Won’t Go Away” HR Magazine 01 Dec 2000 : 111.). "The simple act of clarify
expectations can alleviate employees' stress" (as quoted in Marchetti, Michelle. "High
Anxiety".Potentials 01 Mar 2003 : 10. )
So, we can conclude that to avert the high worker stress level, companies, managers and employees
have to work together for better conditions and situations of work. They must search options to keep
this problem away from the office.

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