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Work With Me Essay

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Work With Me! Resolving Everyday Conflict in Your Organization

How do you handle an unresponsive manager, a backstabbing coworker, a complainer, a worrier or anger in the workplace? There is not a workplace in the world that does not experience some type of conflict at one time or another. Work With Me! Resolving Everyday Conflict in Your Organization is about resolving conflict in an organizational environment by helping individual analyze situations and possible options before coming up with a solution to a workplace issue. It does not mislead people into thinking that every situation can be fixed and even mentions that sometimes leaving a bad situation alone may be the best option. ...view middle of the document...

Conflict in the workplace is a fact of life. Difficult situations can occur at work because people have different interests, goals, and priorities; resources are limited; communication problems; power struggles, mistaken perceptions; and personality clashes. Creating a work environment that enables people to thrive is important. Because people have different goals and needs, conflict unfortunately is inevitable. Individuals interpret and respond differently to situations. The difference in people is not a bad thing however; it is the attitudes that arise that may make a situation a negative one. According to Scott, the three step ERI model shows how work through any difficult situation:
1.) You first seek to calm the emotions in the situation, whether these emotions are expressed by someone else or your own.
2.) Next use your reason to assess, understand, and evaluate the situation and the personalities caught up in it.
3.) Finally, use your intuition to think of possible solutions and alternatives, plus reason to evaluate the possible options, and use your intuition to chose the way you want to respond.
It is critical to look for the underlying source of the problem, to achieve a long-term lasting solution. You sometimes have to search deep to find it, such as probing people involved in the conflict with questions, since people try to hide their feelings or may not even be clear themselves of the problem. It is best to seek clarity, so you know what the real problem is. In the ERI process, you blend these processes together into a incorporated whole, using various techniques like a collection of tools you can draw on as appropriate in a particular situation. Often it is a good idea to resolve problems in the early stages, particularly when a conflict occurs between people who will continue to work together.
When a considering the different...

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