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Development Team:
One of the most important things to keep in mind when assembling work teams is team efficacy. Team efficacy is basically where effective teams have confidence in them and each other in the ability to succeed. Everyone that will be a part of this developmental team will have to come together and agree on what is best for the subject at hand. You will have to come in agreement with one another to work effectively as a team. Working as a team will create positive synergy that will allow an increase in performance. Having the correct work team established will also allow an easier and more organized work environment. When members know their role and what is expected of ...view middle of the document...

I would appoint Victoria Adams (Superintendent of Washington, DC schools) as part of the team. Miss Adams made the initial contact with The Woodson Foundation. She knows that the school system, communities and families should be involved, but believes that the school system should be playing the largest role. Being the superintendent of all area schools can also provide adequate resources in classrooms and with the teaching staff. I would also appoint Community Organizer Mason Dupree. Having so much contact with the community would provide the outside voices a way in. Communities are an important part of a successful school system, so you will need someone the community trusts and is comfortable with. Lastly, from The Woodson Foundation, I would select Meredith Watson to the team. Miss Watson has both experiences working as a teacher and with the foundation. She will be able to relate to both sides as well as providing the resources the Foundation has to offer. I would also consider having Victor Martinez from The Woodson Foundation as well. Mr. Martinez seems to have an open mind frame and welcome change when and if needed. He could serve as a possible mediator for the team. For the other candidates that were not chosen, I would say to open up to all sides of the equation. If you are deadest on your ways and have no room for change, the chances are your way will not work. You have to be willing to give a little as well as lose a little. Having a mind frame of only things that you agree and believe in will only satisfy you. To finish up characteristics, you will also need a climate of trust among team members. If you can’t trust those you are working with then how are those you are working to support going to trust you.
With all this being said, it will be a long bumpy ride. With twists and turns and bumps along the way conflicts are sure to arise. Conflicts that may occur might not all be necessarily bad. Task conflicts happen often within teams. Many only wish to be able to form a team and agree instantly on everything, but in reality there will be a lot of conflicts and disagreements along the way. When these conflicts do arise, and they will, the best thing to do will be to talk the issue out. Debate it if you have to, discuss the pros and cons, and get outside opinions as well as the opinions of those involved. Do not get angry or irritated which in the end will only make the problem worse. Using interactive negotiating strategies...

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