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Work System Essay

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Mary Parker Follet (1863-1933), describe the word management as “the art of getting work done through others”. The word manage is originated from Italian work “maneggiare” that means “to handle” but the word maneggiare is used for handling the tools.
Theoretically it could be explained as management is the act of achieving the desire goals and objectives by the efficient use of available resources through the group or groups of people. Here the utilization of resources are refers to the Human resources, technological, finance and all other available and affordable resources.


“Organisation and coordination of the activities of an enterprise in ...view middle of the document...

Organising is considered to be everything in correct order and correct placement. Mobilizing materials and resources by allocating separate tasks to different departments, units and individuals. In management point of view, it’s the 2nd step after planning to organize the resources we need to achieve where we want to be or to achieve our objective and outcomes. Just like planning, organizing is also a documentary stage of management. Here at this stage, management also focus on “STRUCTURE”, this structure helps in organizing all the available resources of the firm. It includes the structure of human force and available resources.
Semco, a successful Brazilian industry which speialies in marine and food service equipment. Semco was establish and considered one of the most successful firm around the world.
First, treating and dealing with employees as responsible adults. Ricardo semler believe that the situation in companies in not similar to the situation in schools. His opinion based on the idea of self-control and small hierarchies in the company.

In this case, participation is viewed as a means of controlling workers. In contrast, Theory Y focuses on the maximum utilization of a company’s limited human resources. Participation in this context seeks to unleash the full potential of all employees and suggests a greater level of participation.
Monitoring progress to ensure that plans are being carried out properly. Proper mile-stone are placed in order to keep control on the activities that lead the overall organization activities towards the achievement of firm objective. Controlling also helps in changing the direction of the working condition, if applicable and needed at any time. Control on planning helps the firm to reach the desire point at the planned time. It also helps in to re-track the plan, if the overall flow diverts from the real plan.

Coordination is the act of...

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