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Work Stress And Its Effects On Employee Productivity

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Impact Of Stress On Employee Productivity, Performance And Turnover; An Important Managerial Issue
Subha Imtiaz* and Shakil Ahmad**
Stress is a universal element and persons from nearly every walk of life have to face stress. Employers today are critically analyzing the stress management issues that contribute to lower job performance of employee originating from dissatisfaction &high turnover ultimately affecting organizational goals and objectives. How stress affects employee performance, managerial responsibility, & consequences high stress are basic aims of the study. The universe of the study is Rawalpindi/Islamabad; the target population is employees (medical officers and house ...view middle of the document...



Stress is a universal element experienced by employees around the globe. Stress has become major problem for employer particularly in developing nations where the employer doesn’t realize the impact of stress on employee performance which oyee Stress, Managerial Role, Stress Management, Job Performance ____________________
* Subha Imtiaz, Department of Management Sciences, Corresponding Author; COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Attock Campus, Pakistan /Email:; ** Shakil Ahmad, Lecturer Management Sciences, MS Management Sciences, Department of Management Sciences COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Attock Campus, Pakistan

ultimately results in critical managerial dilemmas. Giga and Hoel in 2003 concluded that high rates of mergers, acquisitions, increasing economic interdependence among countries due to globalization, technological development, and restructuring have changed the organizational work over the last few decades have resulted in time pressure, excessive work demand, role conflicts, ergonomic insufficiencies and problematic customer relationship are causes of stress. In Pakistan every year nearly 10000 students graduate as medical professionals who strive for their career in the health sector which is the one of the largest economic backbone of the country, but it is observed that for past few years that there are serious changeovers in career orientation, satisfaction and other such aspects in the employees in health sector especially doctors, that is why the doctors are taken as target population which would reflect the employers attitude towards the stress and its impacts on overall employee performance and organizational goals. Stress can’t be eliminated as it serves as a driving force if kept at a certain level, so stress needs to be managed in the sense that the level of patient care job satisfaction and other factor that affect it are optimized or minimized.


Literature Review

A mainstream group of employees articulated that their organizations did not care for its employees and sometimes employees don’t like to work with their organizations indicating high levels of stress among them and majority were between the age brackets of 26-35 years. Misfit with organization, no part in decision making, were reported main causes of stress as well no control over work environment, personality traits, lack of relaxation along with ambiguous rules affect employees performance (Meneze 2005).better managed employees are more cooperative and serve as assets for an organization and when their stress is ignored by the employer the results are increased absenteeism, cost, low productivity, low motivation and usually legal financial damages. (The Office of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Safety, 1999). Employees in the following ratios reported that their job is source of large amount of stress they experienced, 33%, and 77% articulated...

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