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Work Related Project Analysis Part2

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Work-Related Project Analysis Part 2
October 15, 2012
Andrew Nash, MBA

Introduction to Elements of System Design
Managing a live project past the planning stage is a stressful and complex process. It takes a very special person to do this kind of job and even though it is stressful, that special person thrives in this kind of work and are very good at managing it. For a successful project management, there are four areas that must be controlled and they are: 1. Assigning tasks to team members after organizing each individual into a team. 2. Closely monitoring and controlling the progress of the project. 3. Communication monitoring for the project. 4. Keeping track of all the ...view middle of the document...

The first step in configuring the

system is the architectural design and its purpose is to determine the configuration and structure

of its various components. The two types of diagrams are the deployment diagrams and

component diagrams. Component diagrams shows the various executable components and how

they relate to each other while the deployment diagrams show where the components are
executed on t computing platforms and together, they both define the configuration of the

system. Once the architectural design is known, the detailed design can begin in which its

objective is to determine the objects and methods within individual classes to support the use

cases in which the process is divided into two major areas such as developing a design class

diagram or DCD and developing the set of interacting classes and their methods via a sequence


Object Oriented Design

Designing Databases

Modern information systems store data in a database and access and manage the data using a

DBMS Relational databases which are commonly used today. Developing a relational or object

database is one of the key systems design.

An object database stores data as a collection of related objects while a relational database is a

collection of data stored in tables. Each object is assigned a unique object identifier and


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