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Work Related Project Analysis

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Work-Related Project Analysis Part II
Penny Jackson
May 20, 2013
Deborah Marshall

Work-Related Project Analysis Part II
When a system program is being implemented into a health care system it is done in phases and those phases are broken down into small phases for manageability. Most organization uses some type of system development life cycle model (SDLC). The phases start with system research, analysis, designing, testing, maintenance of the system, and continuous upgrades (Satzinger, Jackson, & Burd, 2009). System analysis and design are two of the key areas of concentration to ensure an implementation of any system is done as successful as possible. Analysis is ...view middle of the document...

Once the analysis research was done and documented all requirements were identified then the analyst and use case were developed. The use case surrounds case management after discharge with their more chronically ill patients. The nurse needed to be able to: review discharge information through the EMR (dispositions, schedule follow up appointments, provider consults, prescriptions, rehabilitation care); EMR dashboard should show a user friendly executive summary of diagnoses, clinical problems, medications, laboratory data, and future and past medical documentation (Follen, Castaneda, Mikelson, Johnson, Wilson & Higuchi, 2007). In the disease management (DM) system the use cases were identified as: The DM is to be accessible from the nurse desktop; instead of paper forms templates are to be built in; data from to flow from form to form only entering information not already available; and dashboard or report to be created on patients current condition or care plan.
Does the patient have a chronic or terminal medical condition?
Time constraints and patient concerns can leave task incomplete by staff. Do to this issue the project team developed a process module of how disease management should be handle with patients such as what elements and steps to be taken. The below diagrams was designed to be a quick reference and also gave the developer and analyst an insight to the flow the nurses must follow in the DM program; patients may qualify for a DM plan only, team care arrangements (TCA), or both.

Patient is not eligible for DM

Patient is eligible for both DM and TCA
Does the patient also require ongoing treatment from a multidisciplinary care team?
Patient is eligible for DM item only


Health care organizations that have DM programs are responsible for a plan of action that has to be agreed upon by provider and care management team. Legislation requires and comprehensive written plan that describes, patients health care needs and relevant conditions, management goals, action to be taken by the patient, treatment and services the patient will need and arrangement for providing the services, and data review.
Interfaces and Network
Marsh Clinic decided to use a Cattails Software Electronic Medical Record links all Marshfield Clinic locations and some affiliated hospitals so physicians can access patients’ medical records from anywhere in the system. The Cattails software is an integrated suite of powerful clinical, data and practice management tool. This suite is flexible design and is easily configured that fit what Marshfield connectivity throughout their onsite and outline facilities. This software runs window operating systems and was easily integrated with workflow process with existing health information system, lab, and picture archiving and communication system (PACS). This system uses digital networks and allowed Marshfield to use...

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