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Work Place Communication Comparison Essay

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Workplace Communication Comparison

Complete the following matrix. For each communication method, list its purpose in the workplace, whether it is a technical or expository form of written communication, and why you classified it as such.

|Written communication |Purpose in the workplace |Technical or expository |Why the classification was chosen |
|method | |writing | |
|E-mail |Inform or explain information |Expository and Technical |In the services organization an email is |
| ...view middle of the document...

These types of documents |
| | | |provide information versus instructions |
|Manual |Training Material, Repair |Technical Writing |Manuals explain or show users how to |
| |Manuals | |accomplish a task or troubleshoot a |
| | | |problem |
|Website |Company Intranet – provides |Expository and Technical |Both are applicable because it can be used|
| |information centralized |Writing |for information or for providing |
| |location to share and search | |instructions. A wiki could be a source of |
| |information | |information and a training site could be a|
| | | |technical site. |
|Other – Blogging, FaceBook,|Real-time communication |Expository and Technical |Both are applicable because YouTube or |
|YouTube videos, | |Writing |Blogs can provide instructions, but others|
|instant messages, text | | |like text messages and instant messages |
|messages, and Twitter | | |are informational – looking for quick |
| | | |answers. |

Answer the following questions:

• What is the most common form of written communication in your workplace or in a workplace...

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