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Work Life Balance Scale Essay

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Work-Life Balance Scale*
A study regarding the six aspects of work-life balance scale

Presented By:
Tazeen Hamid
Umer Qasim

Presented To:
Miss Saba Rana

Final Research Project
Human Resource Management
Work-Life Balance Scale*
Work-life (W-L) Balance Scale is meant to diagnose the level and areas of W-L balance in an organization, as perceived by its employees. It should be responded by their employees at various levels in different departments/sections. (Pareek, 2002)
Creating a balance between one’s personal life and one’s professional life is now considered to be the very tool in achieving a prosperous multidimensional life. Organizations worldwide are ...view middle of the document...

The distribution of tasks within the family is still influenced by gender roles: men are more likely to work longer hours of paid work, while women spend longer hours in unpaid domestic work. While gender imbalances are shaped by culture, policy makers can help to address the issue by encouraging supportive and flexible working practices, thereby making it easier for parents to strike a better balance between work and home life (OECD, 2011).

Literature Review
To have a better understanding of Work-Life Balance, we will be reviewing multiple research articles and case studies, which in turn would provide us with a clear understanding of this subject. We have divided these articles under the six aspects of our research, which are as follows:
Team Work
Article 1
(Dunn, 2010) I'M HERE today not to give you the normal PR spin about how strategic the HR function can be, but instead to call BS on the biggest lies in HR. It's not that HR people want to lie. It's just that we've created our own prison: the urban myths that have developed over the last 20 years as the HR function has matured.
We've spawned narratives that make the HR function seem like a cross between Mother Teresa and Stuart Smalley, while the team members — aka employees — we serve actually need more tough love. They need that little thing called the truth, effectively washed down with a bit of leadership, personality and, at times, humor.
I know that you're one of the good HR pros who doesn't subscribe to the lies. But humor me as I move through the list, and we'll see whether you're part of the problem when we wrap this up.
Lie No. 1: We're responsible for the work/ life balance of team members.
The truth: Employees are responsible for their own work/life balance, and if they want more money, promotions and fame, they're going to have to work harder than those around them. If you happen to be a team member reading this, the reality is that the business world is chaotic, and everyone's winging it, to a certain extent. Most companies try to staff at levels relative to the work at hand, but it's still going to feel like a free-for-all at times.
Lie No. 2: It's the company's desire to provide strong benefits to all team members.
The truth: If we had the guts, we'd tell employees: We're not Mom. Up until now, we've only provided benefits because it's an expectation we've had to meet in order to compete in the talent game (and we'll see what happens to competitive aspects of benefits offerings once the health care reform law fully kicks in). We have little to no control over insurance costs incurred, and due to our collective unwillingness to penalize smokers and employees who are gold members at Krispy Kreme, we never will. Employees have to take the cost increases we give them as a result, and if we ever get brave enough to try to change the behavior of the outliers, we'll find we're too late, due to a legislative environment that protects those making unhealthy choices....

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