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Work Force Development Essay

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Back ground:
There is a serious mismatch between the jobs demanded by the emerging needs of the economy and the supply of skills and trained manpower in the country.
Public sector and government is losing jobs or there is at least stagnation.
Technical and vocational training has failed to keep pace with the emerging skill gaps that have further been widened by the migration of experienced technicians and professionals to the Middle East and elsewhere.
Higher total factor productivity in the economy and technological innovations are also reducing the demand for unskilled and semi – skilled labor force in almost all the sectors of the economy.
There is little incentive for the employer ...view middle of the document...

Older workers are facing problems to sustain jobs due to health and upgraded skills. Strategies should be put in place to encourage continuous training so that they could participate in the workforce.
Private sector needed to prepare them to make use of the economic opportunities which would be presented by raising the level of technical and employability skills and the retraining of the workforce.
Employers’ Associations who worked with JOBs project have set an example of their effective role in human resource development which in-turns beneficial for employers and employees. Following the example , other Associations like Medical, Pharma, Poultry etc have shown great interest.
Workforce-Development Plans
* Improving adult language, literacy, and numeracy rates;
* Introducing an all-inclusive education and training framework to allow for lifelong learning and national recognition of credits and qualifications;
* Increasing public and private-sector partnerships to develop the workforce;
* Enhancing the capability of the secondary and tertiary education sector;
* Developing and strengthening technical and vocational education and training;
* Enhancing research capabilities to improve innovation and entrepreneurship.
* Skill gap analysis
* Support competency based training and certification system.
* Organize migration in construction trade and domestic etc
* Experiment with rural livelihood diversification.
* Deliver holistic programming to at-risk, out-of-school youth in post-conflict environments to help them develop livelihood skills, find or create employment, and continue with their education through programs
* Connect secondary school and university students to employers through career development programs, mentoring, internships, and job placement services Develop youth employability skills, such as critical thinking and facility with computer technology.
* Build linkages between education and training institutions, private sector companies, and community groups to foster local and regional competitiveness and satisfy needs for qualified workers...

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