Work Experience Essay

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Work Experience

As part of my work experience, I have been given a place to work at
Boots located in Wealdstone. It is about a 5 minute drive to the place
however a bus does travel from near my house to Boots. I have been
given a Boots tie and have been told to wear black trousers and a
white shirt.

My first thoughts about work experience are both positive and
negative. I will meet several new people and will have the opportunity
to communicate with the public. I hope to achieve numerous objectives
by the end of this experience including confidence within my inner
self. With several new faces about, their first impressions of me are
going to ...view middle of the document...

She took me to the stock
room where the majority of the staff were and introduced me to them.
The man who opened the door brought his hand towards me, just as I was
about to shake his hand, he handed me a tie, in which I quickly
grabbed to change my action. I was showed where the tea room was,
where I would be during my breaks and finally got started. As they did
not cover my insurance, I was forbidden to use the till so stacking
shelves was the main job. I was given about 20 minutes to go round the
shop-floor and familiarise myself with the items and where they
belonged. The stock room seemed humungous, especially when I was told
to take certain items and stack them in the shop. I had my break at
half past ten for about 20 minutes. I was the only one there, but took
a seat and watched the clock tick. I was told to bring items to the
front when I had nothing to do and go fed up after a while, and slowly
but slowly, lunchtime arrived. I met up with others from my school and
we ate at McDonalds just down the road. I had an hour for lunch so I
returned at half past 1 read to work again. I began to make friends
with the security guard which was good news. The day finished at half
past four for me although the rest of the staff finished an hour
later. I got the bus home, and overall, not a bad day!

The person most enjoyed talking and working with was the security
guard. His name was Albert, and 90% of the time he stood near the exit
door. During breaks and lunch, I chatted to him and we got on really
well. He didn't work as a Boots employee but was told by a...

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