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Work Ethic Essay

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The New Work Ethic

BUS 309: Business Ethics

The New Work Ethic
It is becoming harder to find good work ethics in this day and time. A lot of employees view their job as one the worst jobs to be in. In the article that Sheehy wrote, “A new work ethic”, he describes his employees as having a carefree attitude. He writes about how many employees just want to go to their place of work, but actually do no work. Employers have said that it is becoming such a big issue in finding reliable employees with a drive and willingness to actually perform their job duties. Companies are trying to reintegrate that they need greatly devoted and dedicated people that love the job that they are ...view middle of the document...

I also believe that the attitude towards the work really depends on the person and how truly dedicated and satisfied they are of the work they are doing.
It’s fairly reasonable to say that it is better to have workers with less qualifications that can get the job done versus having a qualified employee that will just try and skate by with doing very little as described by Sheehy. He said that employees tend view restaurants as any other fast food restaurant. This means that they see it as being boring, unsatisfying, and also managed by people that are difficult and miserable. The employees felt that it was an easy task to find an office job that would have a desk with a computer and a secretary that they could just cruise through life with little to no problems. However, they like all of society, dreamed of an action packed business world, where, they believed that a trample over anybody, get what you want approach is the road to success (Shaw, 2010). If so then there may not be a future for American business. Managers and executives perceive an erosion of the work ethic, a decline in the value and importance of work as evidenced by the behaviors and attitudes of this young generation (Siegel, 1983; Yankelovich, 1981). A lot of companies have said that they need hard devoted dedicated workers who love the job they do and be devoted to help with the continued success growth and profit making of the business. The teenagers of today have been accused by the older generation, called the “Baby Boomers”, of having no work ethic (Filipczak, 1994). If these accusations are true then a downturn in productivity could have serious and damaging effects in every facet of industry, education, and society as a whole.
Employers have ranked work ethic as one of the attributes they want most in new hires. However, they say that it is often hard to find this type of attribute. Employers value dependability, initiative, and interpersonal skills in the people they hire, but say that locating workers that are reliable, drug-free, motivated, and possessing strong work ethic is difficult (Hill & Petty, 1995). I believe that it is very important to a company and employers to expect their workers to be devoted to their jobs; they need to have the skills required. They must perform to the best of their ability, especially in the area of customer service. I believe it to be in the workers best interest to be dedicated, flexible, quick and reliable. I say this because my past supervisors always taught me that if the company does not quickly and consistently please their customers they will lose business very rapidly and make no money and in turn one would be out of a job. In this capitalist society the globe is in search of profit more rapid than before and expects to have the best workers possible to help with the profit and continue growth of their companies.
I believe that opportunity and peer pressure are the main reasons for employee theft. NEW...

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