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Work Environment Review

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Work Environment Review 2

The Effect of Office Design on Business Performance 2

Introduction 3

Research findings on the effect of office design on business performance 3

The effect office design on staff satisfactory and performance 3

Issues of the current office design within the organization 4

Conclusion with recommendation 4

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Work Environment Review

The Effect of Office Design on Business Performance

Written by
Dora Yue Wei Chen


Work Environment Review (Title Page) 1

The Effect of Office Design on Business Performance 1

Introduction 3

Research findings on the effect of office design on ...view middle of the document...

Although there is no direct evidence to approve that staying in the current office has may be the caused of many sick leaves in the organization, and the sales are not performing well, the higher staff turnover comparing the is higher the benchmark in the industry, .

tThe concerns have alarmed the management to review work environment recently, and this report view is to serve the purpose of evaluation on the ways of office design affecting the business performance, to and be able to provide some research findings on the subject with provide the recommendation which they might be able to assist the management to make the decision, for to management for thethe improvement of work environment the office environment for which it will impact the staff performance and satisfactory and business performance. .

Research findings on the effect of office design on business performance

In the business world of performance and profit, the company’s business result is achieved through people’s performance.

In the recent survey by The Gensler, a US leading global architecture and design firm, a well designed office is a key to improve employee performance, to give a company a competitive advantage, it affects the employee’s behavior and a sense of job satisfactory; under a better work environment, almost half of employees will log an extra hour per day, and most of employees will have 21% more productivity.

The office design is including office building itself, internal and external environment, office settings and layout.

The effect of office design on staff satisfactory and performance

Many organizations strive to increase levels of staff satisfactory to enhance knowledge worker productivity. According to CABE –The British Council for Offices in UK, A research study has found that the office design in view of work environment contributes 24% of job satisfaction and it can affect staff performance to the individual and to the team. The ways of office design can be include the office building internal and external environment, the selection of the site by reference to its accessibility, local amenities, aspect, parking provision. and office’s setting and layout.

In the ways of office design, in assessing the staff satisfactory, knowledge workers prefer closed offices, but seem to communicate better in open plan. Closed office can allow the workers concentrate, but they communicate and socialize with other workers easily in more open office environments. High-walled cubicles is not recommended if the organization would like to build up the interpersonal communication environment. (research from Cornell professors, Frank Becker and William Sims).

Office air qulity, temperature, overall comfort, noise and lighting are best basics on the ways of office design affecting the staff satisfactory.

The effect of office design reducing staff turnover

A Sydney financial service firm, staff...

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