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Work Disputes Essay

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Thanks for your dated 05/09/2012. I will only addressed some few area of your letter as most of the details was just as expected.

I said during the appeal hearing that I felt that I have been unfairly treated by the company, for example, I asked you during one of our meeting that if you where aware that I was 2.1 business management degree holder, you said no, and I asked Cool if he was aware I had a degree he. Said yes that he was told by Ken

I then questioned, why they Smity and Mike refuse to pass this information to the relevant department in the company (human resource) neither Kola or Fa was able to answer this ...view middle of the document...

My question is this, would you classify my treatment fair and in conformation with your written policy on equal opportunity? I do no believe I was treated fairly and reasonably in comperism with my colleagues who has all be given all the training listed above, and Faye (HR MANAGER) did confirmed this that all employee has been given all the training and she was even surprised and asked me why have I not been trained. That she has authorised all CPC and all the relevant training for all woodland drivers on Airliquide contract which I am a part of.

Finally let go to the issues of cancellation of appeal. During the appeal hearing, I asked why the company has decided to deduct my wages before my appeal hearing and with two calendar months salary with woodlands irrespective of the outcome of the appeal. Simmon said, it was a mistake from the payroll, I then told him that it was authorised by Faye, and there was no further response from him or Fa on this matter hence I am not surprised it was omitted from your final letter. I do not not understand the rational behind this act and has caused a massive financial difficulties as I did not have enough time to arrange or notify all the financial institution that I am in contract with. I saw this act as a clear notification of the company desire to terminate my appointment...

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