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Work Changes Essay

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Running head: WORK CHANGES

Work Changes
Many things change in the course of time. Often even though the outside world changes the workplace stays the same, becoming the last place to take the steps to become part of society.
The short story “In Service” was written by Louisa May Alcott. Miss Alcott grew up in a time when poverty was very common and work was hard to find. She had a lot of jobs in her teens. Miss Alcott also was left to take care of her family. She worked as a seamstress and also was a companion a few times. Her passion was writing but not until 1855 did she have her first work published. (Alcott, 1996)
In the 1800’s work was a lot different, there were still slaves ...view middle of the document...

In the end Christie lets her guard down and ends up losing her job. Just to have to start all over again.
When you look at any type of literally type of writing you look at the times in which it was wrote. Most writing refers to the writer time or a little bit before. They have experienced it on a firsthand experience. They never write about something they have not experiences or something some has told them and they did their own personal research to share a message to the massive. When you look at poetry for instance it comes from the very body and soul of the writer. They are trying to convey a message of hope, understanding, love, pain and also affliction. When you look at different messages they are trying to put you into their world and give you hope or something to compare. They express a message of change.
When you look at “ Share Croppers” by Langston Hughes you see how it was back at a time when he was young and even though he later moved up north he experienced what it was like to be a black southern at the turn of century. He shows in poem how they worked and it was business mostly for African American and whites made all the money and all they was given was land. He expressed in one statement “When the cotton’s picked and the work is done. Boss man takes the money and we get none “(Hughes, 1996). In today’s society we would have all kinds of lawsuits and labor laws enforced. At the time this was wrote those things didn’t exist especially for African Americans. He showed how times back in those days were hard and they couldn’t do anything about it. He even refers to them as “negroes “and has heard. Like it was an everyday routine and nothing would change. Now in today society the business has changed where every race is treated with respect and given the same rights as the white man. Much has changed from laws , to labor laws and to where blacks own cotton fields and are prospering in the ever growing world. Things have changed in the business of share cropping.

Back in 1880’s, Shozo Shimada came to America from Japan penniless. Sought out to work as a laborer“It wasn’t long, however, before he saw the futility in trying to compete with American laborers whose bodies were twice his in muscle and bulk. He knew he would never go far as a laborer, but he did posses another skill that could give him a start toward better things. He knew how to sew” (Uchida, 1996). So “He set aside his shovel, and hung a dressmaker’s sign in his window. He was in business” (Uchida , 1996).
With the process of his business climbing Mr. Shimada opens the first Japanese Dry Good Store. Since then Shimada opened a lot of plants throughout the world. Upon employment Mr. Shimada expected his employees at all times they had to wear “a clean white shirt and a black bow tie” (Uchida, 1996). Shimada became “one of the first Japanese millionaires of America” (Uchida, 1996). He also opened a couple of banks and gave out loans to his closets friends,...

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