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Work Based Report

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Work-Based Report
In this work-based report, two topics related to the organizational performance of the sponsor organisation I worked at are addressed and discussed. The first topic is to identify the underlying root causes of the organisational drawbacks by applying some organizational behaviour theories. The major three drawbacks of the organization analysed in this report are recognized from the recent employee survey and also through feedback and discussions brought up on the regional HR conference day. The second subject in this report is about a change management programme that is undergoing at present. The challenges of change management related to people resistance ...view middle of the document...

To analyse performance effectiveness, it is said that it could mean different things to different people (Gibson et al., 2012). Scholars in 1980s have identified that there are different approaches when thinking about effectiveness: goal approach, systems theory approach and stakeholder approach (Stasser et al., 1981). According to goal approach, goals are to be accomplished to be effective and goal achievement is assessed as a measure to organizational effectiveness. In this case, the HR function could be assessed as pretty efficient with data showing that over 90% of inquiries through enquiry lines are answered swiftly and can be resolved. There are also other goal achievement evidences, such as awards given by accredited organization involved in HR issues or citation awarded to the company, showing that the HR organization has effective performance. However, the problem inefficient service delivery exists with the feedback playback.
To address the fundamental causes of the problem, it is necessary to use the other two approaches to effectiveness to analyse the HR performance. As the systems theorists stated that the organization cannot just produce a product or a service to fulfil its client’s needs. It also has to satisfy other important components of the larger system which is the environment, as an organization is treated as one of the component interacting interdependently with other components (Jackson, 2000). With the application of the systems theory to assess HR effectiveness, it identifies the importance of the external environment and the need to fulfil the demands of various parts and balance them. Therefore, with the negative comments outside of HR regarding to the service delivery, a poor linking of HR services (output) with certain areas of clients (environment) can be diagnosed. Its indication may be that the HR talent team are developing trainings that applies to all clients but that does not meet some particular divisions they served. The third stakeholder approach emphasizes the relative importance of different components’ interests (Harrison et al., 2010). It is clear that the HR clients’ interest and their perspective should be the most valued among all stakeholders of HR function and thus there is a strong need for actions transforming HR organization to be more client focus.
To have client-focused HR services, the organization should support the corporate business strategy, and use the strategy as the base instead of having separate and independent strategy of its own. Services delivered should be tailored to meet what the clients really need to enable the corporation to achieve sustainable business performance and enable the corporation to be globally recognized for developing leaders.
1.2 Silo thinking
Another problem raised in the HR conference was that work colleagues in the HR function are acting and thinking in silo and lacking collaboration. Supported by the employee survey, a considerable amount of...

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