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Work Based Assignment

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Identify your organisation and describe its purpose
England has two different patterns of local government in use. In some areas there is a county council responsible for services such as education, waste management and strategic planning within a county, with several district councils responsible for services such as housing, waste collection and local planning. These councils are elected in separate elections. Some areas have only one level of local government, and these are dubbed unitary authorities. Blackpool Council, the organisation that I work for, is a unitary local ...view middle of the document...

Its decisions are subject to scrutiny by a different group of councillors meeting in overview and scrutiny panels. Most smaller councils, including Blackpool, have a committee structure dealing with separate aspects of the council's business, rather than having executive and scrutiny panels. Council meetings are held to make decisions on or recommendations about localservices.

The full Council is made up of all 42 councillors and meets approximately seven times per year. It is responsible for agreeing overall Council policies, the Council’s budget and Council tax and listening to the views of other councillors and their constituents.

The Executive comprises the Leader of the Council and nine leading councillors, called ‘Cabinet Members’. It takes major decisions within the budget and policy framework either when it meets as a group, or by a Cabinet Member on an individual basis. Each member of the Executive has an individual area of responsibility:

* Children's Services * Streets and Transport * Education * Regeneration and Urban Development * Tourism and Culture * Housing * Equality and Diversity * Adult Social Care * Crime and Community Safety * Younger PeopleOverview and scrutiny committees are responsible for monitoring performance, reviewing and evaluating services, questioning decisions and plans made by the Council’s Executive, listening to the concerns of local people, and where appropriate, making recommendations for action and change. There are six overview and scrutiny committees in Blackpool .There are also a number of regulatory committees which include: * Planning Committee – to consider planning applications and development plans in Blackpool * Licensing (and its sub-committee and panels) – to consider licensing applications such as those for taxis and liquor licences * Appeals – to consider staffing matters and other appeals * Standards – to monitor and promote good conduct of councillors.Area Panels, Area Forum and other partnerships

There are seven Area Panels/ Area Forums in Blackpool, each have twelve members (six Councillors and six Community Representatives).  The Area Panels meet at least four times per year and the Area Forums meet four times a year in community venues.  The Forums are open to all residents living in the area. These groups represent the views of stakeholders who are, in the main, people or groups who have an interest in local affairs and the way that council services are delivered. Stakeholders would also include other services who support Blackpool Council in delivering its key objectives or are representative of key groups in the town, such as the Police, NHS Blackpool, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Blackpool Transport, Blackpool and the Fylde College, Blackpool Sixth Form College, Blackpool Business Leadership Group (who represent private sector companies), National Probation Service and JobCentre Plus.

The Council also has...

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