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Work And Social Assistance Act Of The Netherlands

4860 words - 20 pages

Work and Social Assistance Act
Alternative solutions for the Netherlands

Students: Qushal Bansraj and Shabir Mahtab
Studentsnumbers: 09074708 and 09066705
Course: Policy Making Processes
Lecturer: Miss Vegelin
Date: 3-5-2010

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1. Problems of the Work and Social Assistance Act

1.1 Problems of the WSAA
1.2 Example of the existing problems of the Work and Social Assistance Act
1.3 Why is there a policy necessary
1.4 Which groups are experiencing the problems

2. History of the Work and Social Assistance Act
2.1 History
2.2 Attempts made to deal with the problem
2.3 Similar existing policies
2.4 Debates on the existing policy ...view middle of the document...

There are 281.000 Dutch citizens unemployed as estimated by the Dutch Central Bureau for statistics(CBS), this is allot more than it could be if the social assistance policies were more affective. With affective we mean that the policies could motivate people more to find a job once they are unemployed. This brings us to the policy that we want to address and change which is the Work and Social Assistance Act (WSAA). Some people who get assistance with the Work and Social Assistance Act in the Netherlands are able to find work and earn money but instead they want to receive it form the government. The WSAA has also control functions but the reality is that this control functions are not working. This means that people can easily circumvent the controls.
In short, the proposed policy that we belief should be implemented is one that encourages people and motivates people to earn their own money if they have the possibility to do that. This policy includes increasing the payment of the people that are employed but still earn less than minimum wage and control heavier on the duty to seek.
The structure for this paper is as followed: After the introduction the body of the paper is divided in three sections. The first sections is about the Description of the problem and want our future policy wants to address. Here we will try to find out the answer for the following questions:
* What is the Problem?
* Why is there a policy necessary?
* which groups are experiencing this problem, where and why?

The second section, is about the policy history of the problem and what our future policy wants to address. The questions we will try to find an answer for are:
* What attempts have been made so far to deal with this problem?
* What kind of similar policies are ready exist?
* What have the debates been about the existing policies?
* Which actors are most involved in this debate? And finally who have been the stakeholders and why?

The central question in the third and final section of this paper is about what needs to be done. This section is divided in the following sub questions:
* Why have previous policies failed
* What will our policy offer

Finally, there will be a conclusion where we address our findings and once again mention why the existing policy do not work. We will also conclude why our policy is a better policy to solve this problem.
In short, The reasons for carrying out this paper is to let the decision makers know that there is a problem with the existing policy which needs to be solved. The policy that we offer we believe is a better policy to solve this problem. Finally, the main reason for carrying out this paper is to make people see the use of the insurance but also to see the use to carefully cut in the insurance to make some money free due to the economical crisis.

1. Problem of the Work and Social Assistance Act
In this Chapter we address the following three...

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