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Work And Rest Essay

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Reinvention and Renewal Herman Miller Background SWOT Porters Five Forces Strengths Opportunities Weaknesses Threats Risk of Entry Rivalry Among Established Firms Bargaining Power of Buyers Bargaining Power of Suppliers Substitute Products Complementors Strategies Herman Miller's challenge is to continue to reinvent and renew itself in times of economic uncertainty Main Issue We have developed three alternatives to solve this company's problem Alternatives Focus their efforts on marketing Alternative One Recommendations Continue to use the same business model or develop a new strategy? Continue to use the same business model Alternative Two Use the current business model but continually update based on the economic activity Alternative Three Why focus ...view middle of the document...

3 billion global company
Expanded internationally in the 1950's
In the 1960's created the Action Office System
In 1970 became a publicly traded company
In the 1980's the Equa chair was named design of the decade
1994 Herman Miller Home was launched
9/11 caused 38% of the company to be laid off Background Continued Voted Fortune's 100 best companies to work for Social Contract Introduced Employee transparency and inclusiveness Strive to create a better world 1992 first CEO and President was hired from outside the company Potential to increase marketing efforts Increase in demand for ergonomic furniture Take advantage of the growing desire for green products Technological advances decreasing the need for office furniture Industry in a constant state of flux Prices of raw material constantly changing No advantage from economies of scale
do not produce in mass quantities Have a cost advantage because of just in time inventory
have created a structure that allows for higher variable expenses and lower fixed costs Established Brand Constant change in the needs of consumers
based on technology and social influence Three main competitors are Haworth Inc., Steelcase, HNI Consumers are willing to pay a premium for quality and socially responsible products Rely on suppliers heavily to provide inventory just in time Greatly affected by changes in the cost of raw materials High threat of consumers

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