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Executive Summary
This short study emphasizes the importance of a balance between work life and family life. Changing gender roles that introduced more women into the work force has also lead to a change in traditional family structures. Nowadays, it is especially hard for working-mothers to take care of their children and provide for their needs in many aspects. This dilemma of juggling different roles in both dimensions is a challenge for the regular Jane and Joe, so it is important that their employers reach out and provide assistance to cater to their needs both in and out of the workplace. Following the footsteps of this paper’s main focus Asian Airlines, we hope more companies in ...view middle of the document...

However, in today’s time, women are not only mothers to their children but also work as the other half of a double-income family while under the watchful eye of their in-laws (Cho, 1998). Sometimes, these women even take on the role of a father in single-parent households. With all this weight on her shoulders, the woman becomes conflicted in her roles and responsibilities.
What if, like her, we are constrained by our employment requirements such that we cannot fulfill our responsibilities as a family member? These challenges are faced not only by typical two-parent families but also by many other types of families (i.e. single-parent, raised by grandparents, stepparents, etc.) (Bianchi and Milkie, 2010). How do these individual and personal conflicts affect our roles outside the household and carryover to the workplace? Will it lead to occupational burnout? Is this the reason for high employee turnover? If so, how will such job dissatisfaction affect organizations? These questions are raised by both genders who are concerned how these conflicts affect their career and family life.
As participation of women in the labor force increased in the 1960s to 1980s (Black, Kolesnikova and Taylor, 2014; Kögel, 2004; Maurer-Fazio, Connelly, Chen and Tang, 2011), employers have started to take into account issues outside the workplace to cater to their employee’s needs. Companies have specifically focused on family and women as they were often more sensitive, had specific needs, and were typically considered the primary caregiver of a household (in terms of child rearing). Examples of company’s efforts to help are strategies for development of organizational structures, and introduction of family-friendly policies and support for women’s rights and equality.

Review of related literature
Two types of conflict: work-to-family and family-to-work.
Understanding the two-types of family-work conflict will help us better understand the issue at hand, and also explain why Asiana Airlines(Asiana) makes for a great example. Work-to-family conflict occurs when experiences at work (e.g. work overload, inflexible hours, job stress, business travel) interfere with family life. For...

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