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Word Tree Essay

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There is a tall, rooted cherry blossom tree nearby a beautiful stream of running water in a small remote village in Vietnam. It has been there since 1992. A Vietnamese lady planted the tree dedicating it as a reminiscent to her deceased daughter. This tree she planted developed over the years. It grew more and more each year. It started as a little seed to an eight-foot tree. The branches grew to be so long that it wept to where it barely touched the water. The branches bundled with white cherry blossoms blooming everywhere. The tree beamed brightly no matter if it was day or night. The tree was the most beautiful tree in the entire village for the next 12 years. In 2004, a catastrophe had hit this remote village. A never-ending storm had hit the coast of Vietnam. Rolling sounds of thunder and streams of rain continuously ...view middle of the document...

After these incidents the tree no longer intensified and illuminated like how it used to be. The tree had lost its life, intensity, and stability it once.
Through all of the chaos and madness the tree had gone through, the trunk had not been cut. Cause cutting the trunk meant that the tree would never grow back; it would be in inexistence. Having the trunk allows a tree to cultivate and develop. This was the case for this tree. Luckily, the branches grew back over time. The blossoms developed again, leaving this fresh airy aroma that it once had. Now in 2009, the tree is fully developed and back to how it was. However, one thing was strange though; it looks very different than how it originally was. This time it had a different hue. It wasn’t snow white as it used to be. This time it was white fused with crimson red. It is more vibrant than ever and sparkles brighter than it ever had. Maybe the weather and the war caused it to be this way. Maybe it was necessary for the tree to go through all of that commotion in order for the tree to be the best tree it could possibly be…
I represent myself as this tree. I grew up rooted in my Vietnamese culture. Through out the years with changing schools and getting new friends I found myself slowing distancing away from this culture that I have had known all of my life. I would be embarrassed when my mother spoke Vietnamese in front of my friends and be ashamed to be known as THE Asian girl in my class. I had cut off so much of my culture to the point I became a completely different person. I didn’t know who I was anymore, until last year. I went back to my hometown to where I grew up and the nostalgia came back of who this little girl I once was. I slowly grew back to who I used to be, but this time, a new improved person; a person who resonated both the Asian and the American culture. I have learned that it was necessary for me to go through those various stages in my life to discover my identity in this world.

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