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Word Project -Registration

1. Start Word and open a new blank document. Display the formatting marks and Ruler. Save the document as Lastname_Firstname_Registration_Flyer replacing Lastname_Firstname with your name. In the document footer, insert the filename as a field, and then close the footer.
2. Change the page margins so that the top, bottom, left, and right margins are each 1.25 inches.
3. With the cursor at the top of the document, type Course Registration followed by a single blank line. Then type Rock Climbing 101 followed by two blank lines.
4. Select Course Registration and apply a Gradient Fill - Blue, Accent 1, Outline - White, Glow - Accent 2 text effect. With the text still selected, center the text and increase the font size to 30 pt. Insert a single blank line after the text. Select Rock Climbing 101, ...view middle of the document...

8. Click in the first blank line below Rock Climbing 101 and insert the picture w01A_PCPT_Rock_Climber. Center and proportionately resize the picture so the width is 0.75 inches. Apply the Line Drawing Artistic Effect.
9. Apply a Red 3 pt. Box border to the Whole Document.
10. Click in the last blank line below the picture and insert the text from w01_PCPT_data. In the inserted text, make the following changes: change the word NOW to bold, font size 16, and color red; change Laurel College’s to bold, font size 16, and color blue; change NEW to bold, font size 16, and color red; and change Rock Climbing 101 to bold, font size 16, and color green. Center the text Simply fill out the following information and return this flyer to the registration office.
11. To the next two lines of inserted text, add a Left tab stop at 3.0 inches and add an underline Leader and add a Right tab stop at 6.0 inches and add an underline Leader. With your cursor immediately before the words Your Student ID Number:, add two spaces and press tab. Immediately after Your Student ID Number:, add a space and press tab. With your cursor immediately before the words Your Signature:, add two spaces and press tab. Immediately after Your Signature:, add a space and press tab.
12. In the blank paragraph at the end of the document, add a blank line and then add the SmartArt: Basic Pyramid with Laurel College Physical Education Department in the lowest level of the pyramid, Rock Climbing 101 in the middle level of the pyramid, and Fitness in the highest level of the pyramid. Change the font size for all levels to 20 pt., and change the pyramid colors to Colorful Range – Accent Colors 5 to 6.
13. In the Document Information Panel, type your Firstname and Lastname in the Author box, course name and section number in the Subject box, and then in the Keywords box type rock climbing, physical education, fitness Save your file. Submit your file as directed by your instructor.

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