Word Processing Software Essay

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Word processing software

create, edit and print documents such as letters, reports or memos
• delete and re-enter text, copy or cut (move) text and then insert it in other areas
• use a wide variety of fonts, character styles and type sizes
• incorporate basic design elements such as shading, colours
• insert images or tables, and use the software to carry out desktop publishing.

Spreadsheet software
Spreadsheet software offers the tools for working with tasks such as keeping a budget for a small business, preparing a tax return or analysing sets of data for university work. You can use spreadsheets not only for recording numbers but also for carrying out complex calculations.

Databases are another kind of application software. They are used to store large sets of complex information. For ...view middle of the document...

Email application software
Email is short for electronic mail. People can exchange electronic documents with one another over networks and the Internet. Just as in neighbourhoods, users have an address that directs the mail server to deliver the electronic message to the correct recipient.
Most email software alerts the user the instant new mail is received and keeps records of what was sent and when. Email is delivered in seconds to anywhere in the world and has become a major communication method for businesses in the new millennium.

Logging on
When you start up your
you will be greeted
by a welcome screen.
Following the instructions
and simultaneously holding
down the Ctrl, Alt, and
Delete keys on your keyboard
will bring you to the
next screen, where you will
be prompted to enter your
Username and Password.
Doing this will log you into
your own personal account on your workplace’s computer network.

Organisations commonly insist that you don’t record your password anywhere, that your password isn’t your date of birth or your mother’s maiden name, but is a combination of numbers and upper- and lower-case letters, to ensure that your password is hard to guess and is as secure as possible. It is also likely that you will be required to change your password periodically, so that if anyone should obtain your password, it will only be valid for a small window of time. Another important security measure to protect your account is to make sure you shut down your computer, or secure your screen whenever you are away from your computer. To secure your screen, hold down the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys simultaneously and click “Lock Workstation” in the pop-up window. Once secured, your computer can only by accessed by entering your User Name and Password again.
Logging off
At the end of each Windows session, you should exit Windows by shutting down the Computer. This ensures that your account is secured.

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