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Word Association Essay

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The experiment is done to determine which type of word association will elicit shorter time and which will elicit more response word. The class was divided into groups with three members; each will take place as the experimenter, recorder and experimenter with the same set of stimulus words. Each undergoes with the three sets of stimulus words. Set one is free associated with 60 stimulus words, set two includes 15 stimulus words and set three has 5 original stimulus words. Results including time and response words were recorded and means were computed for each table. Tables and means showed the responses of the subject for each set. It was concluded that the partially controlled ...view middle of the document...

According to Freud, the unconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that outside of our conscious awareness. Through the word association, the subject’s ideas from the unconscious mind come to conscious mind and were able to be said by subject unknowingly that it was their deep desire or their deep feeling. It was said that the word association test is based on the principle that complexes create measurable emotional responses.
Now-a-days, people are more likely to have difficulties in communicating. In some researches, it was justified that through continuous practice of word association, people becomes familiar with many words and helps to develop the communication skills and vocabulary building of people.
This experiment aims to determine how the subjects will response to the stimulus words, and how much time it will take for them to give the word that associates with the given stimulus words. Through the patterns of the subject’s words responses and the words they elicited, we can see their hidden thoughts and desires.
Throughout the experiment, the same subject will do the three types of word association to support our objective and to determine which type of word association will elicit shorter time and will elicit more response word.

To determine which type of association test (free association or the partially controlled association test) will elicit a shorter reaction time, and that will elicit more response words.

Apparatus & Measure
Stopwatch and timer to measure the time of responses
Set I. Free association test consisting of 60 stimulus words
Set II. Free association word test consisting of 15 stimulus words
Set III. Partially controlled continuous association test consisting of 5 stimulus
Mean or the average time and response words will be used to measure which type of association will elicit shorter time.

Procedure & Design
Divide the class into groups of three students each. Each member of the group takes at being the experimenter (E), the recorder (R), and the subject (S). Administered the three sets of words association test to the subject in the following manner:
Set I
Present the stimulus words to each subject and ask them to say the first word that comes to mind.
R records the subject’s reaction time and the response word. The average reaction time is computed by adding the reaction times to all stimulus words and dividing the sum by the number of stimulus words. This yields the individuals mean reaction time.
Set II
Instruct the subject to write down words which they associate with each of the different stimulus words given for a period of two minutes. After the test, the number of response words given for stimulus words nos.11-15 are taken to yield the individual mean for this set.
Instruct the subjects to respond to each of the stimulus words with the first word that comes to mind. The response word them serves as the next...

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