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Managerial structure
List of product

Personnel that work at Patrick Young Sing have various promotional chances Floor workers are chosen from the trainee program,after some time on the job and showing dedication they can be promoted to positions such as supervisor, contractor etc. At the age of 18 personnel can join a trainee program to learn to operate the machinery and work in the work shop with the other co-workers at Young Sing.

During my tour throughout the factory I observed that many employees ...view middle of the document...

It then became a lucrative business and grew into a company that provides merchandise throughout the country. Due to the excellence in the joinery finishing industry they offer exclusive selections in doors, kitchen cabinets and building components.

* Doors
* Closets
* Iron Mongery (Door knobs,locks and etc.)
* Flooring
* Windows
* Millwork (Moulding)
* Kitchens
* Furniture
* Caskets b.k.a. Coffins
* Work benches
* Musical instruments
* Home accessories
* Table & Chairs

Managerial Structure
Chief executive Officer
Young Sing

Beta services

(hired for installations)


Maintenance Employees Machine Operators

Trainee Program

* Teacher
* Cabinet makers
* Carpentry
* Joinery
* Self-employed
* Work shop attendant
* Civil engineers
* Woods Engineer
* Construction manager

Cameras were placed at various locations of the front yard of the the company to ensure the safety of the employees and the machinery. There was a security booth located at the entrance of the premises to prevent burglary or illegal activities. Bags are inspected upon entry and exit of the premises to ensure no theft of material or tools from the company’s premises.

1. Dress Code
* No loose clothing while operating or in...

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