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Wonders Of The World Essay

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There are many wonders in this world that had not yet being discovered by human kind. Even we had lived in this wonderful world for decades, yet more and more discoveries were discovered day by day. This proved that our earth is full of wonders which sometimes never cross our mind that it actually existed. We could see some of these wonders through most of ancient monument. Therefore in this essay, we will be discussing the importance of preserving our ancient monument.

Preserving our ancient monument is fundamental aspect in continuing a country’s national identity. According to LONGMAN Dictionary of Contemporary English, preserving means the process of working to protect something ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately in my opinion, we might have preserved our ancient monument but do we have solid foundation about that particular ancient building? Just as we criticizes the action of our forefathers who deploring environmental degradation or the loss of building fabric, so will we be judge by future generation on how we managed our present, their past. We are actually preserving the past according to the image of our values. The real fact about each monument was still doubtful and more research must be made but still we keep shaping these cultural heritages according to our perspective. Yet, while we will face future criticism, we can argue at least that we have made educated and conscientious decisions based on current best practice and understanding.

Besides, we are preserving our ancient monument because they form a link with our past. They provide us with solid evidence of technical achievement, and they chronicle the development of style and aesthetic beauty. We preserve them because they are localities with tangible remains where events took place that have significantly shaped our history and thus played a role of shaping our present. For example many stadiums around the world today have followed the original designed of The Colosseum in Rome, Italy. Therefore in my opinion, I totally agree that ancient monument form a link with our past. We preserve the places that give us high nostalgic value that thorns in that pride but the presence of which we need as remainders of event to be repeated. The Mostar Bridge in Bosnia is an example where religious and politically motivated warfare targeted and eventually destroyed a structure inscribed on the World Heritage List. Heritage places provide us with the tangible reminders of our past, and are localities that, as a collective, describe our identity as a society. Compared to nowadays, modern buildings were build mostly to show how great the development of architecture, technology, as well as a symbol of pride and wealthy. We do not have the sense of appreciating it as for me, modern wonders might be different things from heroic constructions of marble, stone...

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