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Womens Rights In The Us Throughout History

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The wanting for women's right has an on-going event. Women have been wanting equalityforever but didn't start doing anything about it until the 1770's. As American grew more and morewomen became aware of the unequal status in Society. Especially their lack of suffrage or theright to vote.In 1848 two women, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, launched the first womansuffrage movement in the United States, at the Seneca Fall Convention. During the convention"the participants crafted the Declaration of Sentiments, in which they demanded greater ...view middle of the document...

So after 72 years it finally happened.Like her own peers, Susan B. Anthony had to endure very hostile audiences who made funof her when she had given speeches on temperance, abolition, and also women's rights. In 1851Susan had met up with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and organized the NWSA in 1869. In 1872, alongwhit her three sisters, Susan had voted illegally in the presidential election. She had to go to trialfor it. In her diary she had described this experience as " the greatest outrage History has everwitnessed." She was fined $100 for this outrage. She wasn't going to pay a penny of the fine, andthe judge didn't press the issue. Susan died 14 years before the 19th Amendment was passed.The women's movement had changed the way that women looked at work and careers. In1950 most women who took jobs had done so mainly to "help out." In the 1970's many womenwho took jobs were preparing themselves for a lifetime career. The women's movement broughtwomen into the political arena in growing numbers. In 1969 women only held 3.5 percent ofelected state offices. By 1996, 25 percent of the elected state officeholders were women.The women in Congress has also increased. In 1975 there were 19 women. And in 1997 it rose to60 women. To top it off, the women's movement helped countless women open their lives to newpossibilities.

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