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Women Work Life Balance Essay

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Work Life Balance for Women
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Table of Contents
Abstract iii
Introduction 2
Problems in Work Life Balance 4
Demographic Variables and Work Life Balance 4
Achieving the Balanced Life 6
Self Efficacy 6
Emotional Intelligence 7
Employer Efforts 7
Conclusion 10
References 11


Work-life balance describes the practices at work place that create an equilibrium in demands of employees to maintain a healthy family life and work activities. The demands and pressure is a greater challenge for female workforce to balance work life activities. The conflicts in such situation also has significant impact ...view middle of the document...

The role of women at work has enhanced. They are cooperating with men in every field irrespective of type of work (Jyothi & Jyothi, 2012). A report in 2008 presented the statistics of the female workforce in USA. 121 million women aged 16 or above are employed in the country. Among these 59% is labor workforce. The labor workforce of USA comprises of 46% females in which 75% are full time workers and remaining 25% work on a part time basis. Among female workforce, largest portion is working in management and professional areas. On a global level, the number of women senior managers in large corporations is low. In March 2009, fortune 500 published a report on women CEOs. 15 women CEOs are mentioned in the list. This low number of female professionals at a higher level shows that much progress is to be made worldwide in promoting women career (Hewleu & Luce, 2005).
According to Freedman and Greenhaus, number of women has increased considerably, but the issues and challenges have also increased. Women face many problems in fulfilling job requirements due to different reasons. These issues are emotional as well as physical. Women are still considered as the primary responsible of home and family despite the fact that they are now working as much as men. In many conservative cultures, work is considered as secondary options to women. This perception is seen not only in men but also women define their primary role as a caretaker at home. They prefer to spend time on housework, children and family duties. Their duties also include taking care of elderly people in homes (Robbins, 2005).
As the combination of personal family responsibilities as well as career orientation, women face family work conflicts. Greenhaus defines this conflict as an inter role clash due to pressure from two different domains. These domains have no mutual compatibility. Thus, women are stuck in a dilemma where meeting demands of a single domain is not enough and they have to meet demands of another domain too. Participation in one domain becomes more difficult if women participate in the other domain (Thriveni & Rama, 2012).
Traditionally the role of women was confined to cooking, cleaning and raising children. They were looked upon as a care giver or as home keeper. But now the story is different. They have an influential role to play even outside the home. With the improved education and employment opportunities today, most homes became dual earners because of increase in expenses and necessities. The expansion of higher education has also enhanced (Bryant & Consantine, 2006).

Job prospects for women and there is a shift in the role models from stay-at-home mothers to successful professional women. Women achieved tremendous progress in every walk of life and made a mark where ever they are. But her role at home has not changed much. The wife still cooks, does household work, takes care of the family members and runs the house. With the...

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