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Women Talk Too Much Essay

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In the myth, “Women Talk Too Much,” Janet Holmes discusses the misconception that women talk more than men. Throughout the myth she proves that this overused statement is false. She finds that the environment, and different situations are what women’s discussions depend on, and ironically men tend to dominate them.
Holmes discusses numerous studies that measured the amount of talking used by men and women in different contexts. The first study, which she called the “New Zealand ...view middle of the document...

They found that two-thirds of the classroom discussion is taken by teachers and the rest is taken over by male students. The explanation for these findings is that males are more concerned than females about earning status and power. So they feel that by, “participating and verbally contributing,” will help to gain more status in formal contexts. Formal contexts meaning public situations (i.e. business meetings, seminars, committee meetings, etc.)
The study also found that men tend to dominate discussions by patronizing women. For example, in this chapter they give a scenario of a work meeting. In the meeting the woman discusses an issue and is interrupted by a male colleague. He interrupts by saying, “I think what Anne is trying to say Roger is….” By interrupting, he’s putting across a message that he knows better (a way of trying to achieve higher status), and ends her part in the discussion. (p.43) Therefore, in formal contexts women often don’t participate in discussions.
Private contexts are those situations that involve, “developing and reinforcing friendships and intimate relationships.” They aren’t so much about improving status. Women feel more comfortable talking in this context because it mainly because it’s purpose is to develop or maintain a social relationship such as friendships, or family ties....

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