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Women Stereotypes Essay

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Do women stereotypes have a good impact on Women Empowerment?


There is no coincidence if the recent bestseller pointing the worldwide yet hardly visible issue of women around the world, borrows the Chinese express that women hold up half the sky. In such a context where the global position of women makes them 21st-century slaves, the book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, contributes in emphasizing that the freedom and independence of the world’ s women is the contemporary most crucial moral challenge. It is true that women around the world tend to hold positions of lower status and authority and are less likely to be employed in the paid ...view middle of the document...

However, in order to point out women’s response, the second part will shed the light on women’s rights movement that spread in Europe throughout the Enlightenment in order to show how women get involve in society throughout history. The essay will finally show how the impact of women’s fight for equality, turns to women’s accreditation.

Women stereotypes flow from politics to laws. All around the world, countries do not entirely engage with gender equality and often, if acknowledged, women’s concerns are perceived as secondary political matters. The example of Saudi Arabia is a relevant case to illustrate how traditional ideas of women’s role ensue from political authority. According to Human Rights Watch report (2008) women in the Kingdom are systematically treated as perpetual minors through a system instituted by the state that infringes on their basic human rights. Actually, each woman needs an authorization from her legal guardian to study, work, travel, access to medical treatment or marry. In others words, women’s freedom and autonomy are non-existent. Saudi Arabian politics which has sustained obsolete ideas of women from forty years back in history needs to reform its guardianship system and entitle women full citizenship status. However, this phenomenon is unlikely to be challenged overnight; especially as gender biased visions of women also need to be first challenged in other domains such as culture and religion.

Deeply attached to traditions and religion, some countries such as Kenya, deny all the women’s rights because of cultural values. According to Susan Okin, “Cultural practices” are claimed when issues of power, marriage, reproduction, sexuality, inheritance and issues over children are concerned (Okin, 38) – that is to say a major part of women’s life. For instance, in many Arab states, citizenship rights derive from religious principles which participate in reinforcing patriarchal political culture. As recently posted by BBC news, Kenya parliamentary had enforced polygamy marriages into laws which resulted in global chocked reactions especially from Western culture. Otherwise, it is important to observe the vision of Western society by Muslim society, because Muslim culture sees Western human rights as alien (Mayer, 1). For example, the Parliamentary majority leader, Aden Duale, a Muslim MP said “I want my Christian brothers to read the Old Testament, King David and King Solomon never consulted anybody to marry a second wife”. The MP’s reaction illustrates how one’s specific belonging to a certain culture plays a determinant impact on his/her vision of universal principles such as equality and non-discrimination. In such a context, it is worth remembering that religion in itself is not the source of women’s rights scorning, but rather the patriarchal interpretation on the sacred texts.

During the eighteenth century, women empowerment got stronger, following the reformist principles of the Enlightenment period....

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